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No. sentence
1 Such an offence shall be punished by detention in prison or at hard labour.
2 All we ever got was manual Labour and illness.
3 Labour grumbles about the "Tory press" are matched by Tories whining about left-wing bias in television, on which Britons lavish far more time (on average, nearly four hours a day).
4 This technical innovation will save us much time and labour.
5 Where the islands of capitalism met the sea of subsistence labour, there was not a “beach”, but a “cliff”.
6 The report alleged widespread misappropriation of aid and the use of forced labour by the army in the delta.
7 The government decided to clamp restraints on Labour strikes.
8 ACROSS the Mexican countryside, villages are denuded of their working men but kept alive by their Labour.
9 prisoners who had missed from the place of reform through labour were picked up within 24 hours.
10 Men must pay in to the trade society to which they transfer their labour.
11 Those who are in poor health can also temper themselves in doing the Labour within their power.
12 Another is the fact that labour is cheaper and factories built out west allow workers to stay closer to home, rather than migrate to far-flung manufacturing hubs.
13 You can see some of the figures from the report in the chart at right, where unit Labour costs are broken down into the contributions from wages and productivity.
14 Over the years the company has been accused of using child Labour in Asia and of buying feathers plucked from live geese.
15 It means not asserting, as some British political leaders have, that Britain, Ireland and Sweden were wrong to open their Labour markets to east Europeans in 2004.
16 wealth of nations lay not in land, but in Labour, deployed to its best advantage and divided as finely as demand would allow.
17 Scientific inventions such as these have raised Labour productivity by a big margin.
18 Black Death raised the price of labour and boosted trade, for English sheep grew longer fleeces as they grazed fields newly left fallow, and local cloth improved.
19 This replaces a system employed under Labour in which schools were inspected for a series of other issues such as equality, community cohesion and healthy eating.
20 Italy and Spain have seen sharp rises in unit Labour costs and their labour-productivity growth has stalled or gone into reverse.
21 Only a handful of Conservative MPs voted for him as speaker: one constituent says he was chosen by Labour as a “practical joke”.
22 sweat of Labour washed away his bureaucratic [official] AIRS.
23 Some goods and services cannot be imported, but the Labour required to produce them can be.
24 Therefore adequate facilities, clearly defined working procedures and well-trained skilled Labour are essential to guarantee a safe supply of wholesome meat.
25 To ensure woman's complete emancipation and make her the equal of man of is necessary for woman to participate in common productive Labour.
26 Livingstone, Labour mayor from 2000 to 2008, championed bus travel, which is now at its highest in London in 50 years: there were 60% more passengers in 2010-11 than in 2000-01.
27 There, the talk will be of beach houses and yachts on the Red Sea, of hot stocks on the Cairo exchange, and of Egypt's delightfully low-cost Labour.
28 Behind his bluster at the ECB he is pushing supply-side reforms, including a loosening of the gummed-up French labour market.
29 Most of our Labour force is inappropriate for the mass manufacturing practices that China has excelled at.
30 Labour might still be in power had he dared.