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La Louisiane in a sentence

1. This area was claimed by the French from 1702 to 1763 as part of La Louisiane.

2. Initially, Mobile and then Biloxi served as the capital of La Louisiane.

3. The French colony of La Louisiane struggled for decades to survive.

4. Five years later, La Salle claimed the region for France as part of La Louisiane.

5. After this time France claimed this region of North America as La Louisiane.

6. it was part of La Louisiane.

7. French Louisiana, part of New France, was known in French as La Louisiane in colonial times.

8. It was to be a trading centerpiece of La Louisiane, the new territory claimed by the French.

9. The couple moved into the Hotel La Louisiane.

10. He used the French name La pie-griesche de la Louisiane and the Latin Lanius ludovicianus.

11. The largest area of the map by far was "La Louisiane", or Louisiana.

12. In 1682, La Salle claimed La Louisiane for France.

13. In 1683 his writings were published in the book Description de la Louisiane.

14. Louisiana (French: La Louisiane;

15. La Louisiane française) or French Louisiana was an administrative district of New France.

16. On the east, Texas bordered La Louisiane (French Louisiana).

17. Gayarré wrote Histoire de la Louisiane (1847);

18. La Salle named the Mississippi river basin La Louisiane (Louisiana) after King Louis XIV;

19. Cadets served only in Quebec (Canada), Île Royale, and La Louisiane.

20. It was founded by French soldiers at Fort Louis de La Louisiane.

21. Military Academy (le Lycee Scientifique et Militaire de l'Etat de la Louisiane).

22. "L'Air de la Louisiane" An admitted francophile, Buffett has sung several songs in French.

23. In January 1704, the ship left Loire, France for La Mobile, La Louisiane, New France.

24. In 1797–1811, he was the editor of Moniteur de la Louisiane.

25. Le Page lived in La Louisiane from 1718 to 1734;

26. In 1758 the three octavo volumes of the Histoire de la Louisiane were published.

27. Military Academy (le Lycee Scientifique et Militaire de l'Etat de la Louisiane).

28. the other is in Le Page du Pratz's Histoire de la Louisiane.

29. Sud de la Louisiane by the Foghorn Trio was released in October 2011.

30. and the newly formed battalion of Chasseurs à Pied de la Louisiane."