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La Candelera in a sentence

1. Among the more important festivals and traditions are the Canólich Gathering in May, the Roser d'Ordino in July, the Meritxell Day (National Day of Andorra), the Andorra la Vella Fair, the Sant Jordi Day, the Santa Llúcia Fair, the Festivity from La Candelera to Canillo, the Carnival of Encamp, the sung of caramelles, the Festivity of Sant Esteve and the Festa del Poble.

2. The main Festival in L’Ametlla de Mar is on the second of February, which celebrates the Mare de Deu de la Candelera, our Lady of Candlemas who is the Patron Saint of the town.

3. The Catalan earthquake of 2 February 1428, known in Catalan as the terratrèmol de la candelera because it took place during Candlemas, struck the region of Catalonia, especially Roussillon, with an epicentre near Camprodon.

4. Among the works of art inside Sant Llorenç there are a Gothic painting of Santa Maria de la Candelera by Mateu Ferrer and the sculpture of the Mare de Déu dels Fillols, originally located in the Seu Vella.