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1 Many building professionals believe this system to be the next step beyond LEED certification.
2 Manitoba Hydro even hired an advocate architect to document and submit the building for LEED certification resulting in a Gold rating.
3 idea of living sustainably, of "going green", has recently become a buzzword when talking about everything from energy to water to agriculture. We certify energy-efficient LEED buildings.
4 going to be certified as LEED Platinum, the highest standard of energy efficiency.
5 And what does it say about the state of certification if supermassive projects built in the most unsustainable of contexts can be LEED certified?
6 In addition to receiving an impressive score of 110 in the LEED rating, the home includes beautiful exteriors and interiors.
7 Back on the bases, the Army has decreed that all new buildings should be at least Leadership in Energy and Design (LEED) standard, the baseline for green building.
8 The criteria are aligned with LEED, a green rating system.
9 It has achieved a LEED Platinum rating, thanks to the inclusion of good insulation, non-toxic materials, and efficient systems.
10 The designers want the complex to be environmentally responsible and intend to have the building receive a LEED Platinum rating by the U.S. Green Buildings Council.
11 The village received the first LEED gold certification outside the United States and was the largest LEED-certified project at the time of its completion.
12 standard goes through periodic revisions, and this year, the minimum energy requirements needed for the basic LEED certification for new buildings were raised.
13 Many other buildings include environmentally friendly features and advertise themselves as “green” but do not seek the LEED label.
14 Real estate experts say commercial property owners are clamoring to make their buildings LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified, in order to attract more customers.
15 Some are requiring that all major new commercial buildings be LEED certified.
16 has a rating system for buildings called Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED.
17 Designed by architect Steven Holl, the building received a "platinum" rating (the highest) by LEED, the internationally recognized building certification system.
18 The criteria are aligned with LEED, a green rating system. Meeting the criteria increases housing construction costs by 2%, which is rapidly paid back by lower running costs.
19 The central library combining administrative center, through the parameterized energy saving design, with good natural ventilation and lighting, to achieve LEED platinum certification.
20 The Canadian Green Building Council's LEED scorecard recognizes these environmental benefits under materials and Resources for recycled content and regional materials.
21 An owner interested in LEED certification must register the project at the beginning of the design process.
22 LEED Assessment and Energy Study, the application of green concept into projects, green building certification coordination, tendering documentation and technical review.
23 It exceeds the LEED standard for daylighting in schools.
24 project target of CHPS and/or LEED Certification at the minimum, aesthetics, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness were considered in every design decision.
25 Design of the project began prior to UBC implementing LEED Gold certification as the minimum standard for new and renewed construction.
26 To meet the needs of NASA programs, ASU built the LEED Gold Certified, 298,000-square-foot Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Building IV (ISTB 4) at a cost of $110 million in 2012.
27 The center has earned itself a LEED "Silver" designation in its design.
28 Several residential projects are underway, including LEED buildings.
29 A 10,000-square-foot (930-square-metre), two-story library on the street level of a high-rise residential building, it utilizes several sustainable design features, earning it LEED Gold certification.
30 Bank of America directly engaged employees by implement LEED (leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified buildings, with a fifth of its building meeting these certifications.