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Kujarge in a sentence

1. Glottolog does not accept that the inclusion or even unity of Omotic has been established, nor that of Ongota or the unclassified Kujarge.

2. It therefore splits off the following groups as small families: South Omotic, Mao, Dizoid, Gonga–Gimojan (North Omotic apart from the preceding), Ongota, Kujarge.

3. Subsequent work by Lovestrand argues strongly that Kujarge is a valid member of East Chadic.

4. Less-well investigated languages include Irimba, Luo, Mawa, Rer Bare (possibly Bantu), Bete (evidently Jukunoid), Bung (unclear), Kujarge (evidently Chadic), Lufu (Jukunoid), Meroitic (possibly Afroasiatic), Oropom (possibly spurious) and Weyto (evidently Cushitic).

5. The Kujarge refer to themselves as Kujartenin Debiya.

6. Also, Lebeuf (1959) reports that the Daju Nyala refer to the Darfur Birgid as Kajargé. Kujarge is unclassified.

7. Blench (2008) notes that much of the basic vocabulary looks Cushitic, and speculates that Kujarge could even be a conservative language transitional between Chadic and Cushitic.

8. There may have been a mix-up with Birgit, a nearby Mubi language which is also called Kujarge;

9. Blažek (2013) purports to show that Kujarge is an East Chadic language.

10. The main ethnolinguistic groups are the Birgit, Dar Sila Daju, Fongoro, Fur, Kajakse, Karanga, Kibet, Kujarge, Runga and Sinyar.

11. The Kujarge refer to themselves as Kujartenin Debiya.