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No. sentence
1 He formed his own offshoot of the Ku Klux Klan which he later renamed the White Patriot Party because, as he later wrote, the Klan carried too many negative connotations.
2 It receives Ku frequency band signals from 10.7 through 12.75 GHz with improved frequency stability by using an external 10 MHz reference.
3 In the late afternoon, we head to Ku DE Ta to watch the legendary sunset over dinner.
4 Bar, clean it, all kinds of liquor shops by family settled bashi bridge, Shek Ku Street business district and cultural flavor of the wine growing strong.
5 young generation thinks differently than their parents, they have been well protected by their families, and they don’t like to ‘chi ku,’ ” Mr. Lau said.
6 Abbey said a few providers at KU Hospital could work without an interpreter but only after proving their mettle as interpreters.
7 Girls pan head, not wearing a tiara, no makeup, wear condole belt gym suit, soft shoes; Boys wearing black pants, white conjoined ku bar training suit, soft shoes.
8 Youku and Ku6 were both founded by former Sohu managers.
9 mountains Sanxian concept, Qibao House, Ling-Feng Ku Court, Cliff and other landscape stone.
10 Ku predicts it's just a matter of time before Chinese interest in vintage Patek Philippes overtakes that of the West.
11 with people like li Mei-t 'ing and Ku Er-chien was such a shameful debasement.
12 Cecilia Ku, UK My approach was to make use of secondhand existing clothes by giving them a second, third or fourth life.
13 Ms. Ku jui - LAN takes over as head of the centers liaison division.
14 This is a page about postal code of "Kui Dou Zhen Peng Ting Cun Wei Ku , Anxi County, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, China", with area information and online map.
15 The system adds Ka and X band capacity to supplement limited military X band and commercial Ku band.
16 KU Hospital handled 31,749 interpretations in the past year, an average of 87 a day.
17 These radios will be integrated with Hughes’ commercial, off-the-shelf products and broadband satellite communications capabilities. Hughes HX system utilizes Ku-, Ka- or X-band antennas and routes.
18 It links military X and networks with commercial Ku band networks to enhance overall bandwidth capacity and provide network-centric, high-bandwidth capabilities to U.S. forces.
19 The company, however, is in negotiations that Ku hopes will have it available in most major U.S. cable markets within a year.
20 Back in 1964, as head of the local Ku Klux Klan, Mr Killen orchestrated the murder of three young civil-rights workers.
21 I think KU is great school.
22 If you like bars, parties, and a real college town experience at a great value, KU is the place for you.
23 Nevertheless, Si Ku Quan Shu comprises most of the important ancient books that had published, covering nearly all academic areas of pre-modern China and thus preserving rich documentation.
24 Reporter: Mr. President, a great deal was made of extremism in the recent presidential campaign, groups such as the Ku Klux Klan and other organizations.
25 Ku prattled away, even dragging in the bed plank incident.
26 The properties of the basic fuzzy controllers can be improved through compiling S-function that automatically corrects the quantizing factors Ke and Kc , as well as proportional factor Ku.
27 objective of this study is to investigate systematic risk in asset pricing with higher moments, especially for skewness and ku...
28 Yeuk Tau, commonly known as Lung Ku Tau, is also called Lung Ling (Mountain of Dragon). It is located northeast of Luen Wo Hui in Fanling, New Territories.
29 Ku Hung-Ming was the first Chinese to compete with Christian missionaries and Western Sinologists in representing China and the Chinese culture through translation and creative writings.
30 Besides the short-lived original Ku Klux Klan, these included the Pale Faces, Knights of the White Camellia, Red Shirts, and the White League.