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1 Seeing the karaoke machine at the top of that list made me smile," said Kane Kramer, a director of the British Inventors Society.
2 Asked to deploy toilets in Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps, Kramer worried that SOIL lacked experience in emergency work, yet agreed to try.
3 Kramer, the real-life version of Jerry Seinfeld's fictitious TV neighbour, Cosmo Kramer, hosts a tour of New York City landmarks that were referenced throughout the sitcom Seinfeld.
4 Kramer calculates that if Haiti recycled 50 percent of the nutrients in human waste onto farmland, input would leap to 17 kilograms per hectare.
5 Kramer sat hunched on his stool behindthe counter of the small hardware store on Coney Island Avenue, gazingout the window at the passing traffic.
6 I fell in love with the people of Haiti on my first trip," Kramer shares.
7 The participants in our study were 120 very sedentary people," Kramer says.
8 Kramer and his colleagues have documented the impact of exercise on the growth of the hippocampus in a small group of elderly people over the course of one year.
9 no question that working out makes you smarter, and it does so, Kramer notes, at all stages of life.
10 Two years ago, I met Kramer.
11 Kramer says most automakers are looking to bolster their fleets of electric cars - a trend that was certainly on display in the winner's circle for the X Prize.
12 According to Kramer, Haiti's problem isn't lack of soil fertility, but lack of soil itself.
13 technology itself is very simple," explains Kramer.
14 Kramer is a general partner of the hedge fund Boston Provident, LP.
15 Kramer also argued that critics are judging the book by its cover rather than waiting to read it when it is available in the fall.
16 Arthur Kramer of the University of Illinois said it was the first study to find improvement in cognitive skills that were not directly related to the skills learned in the game.
17 Rosemarie kramer has not forgotten that the wait for a new car was 15 years and that to get your own apartment you first needed a husband.
18 Companies interested in Blue Waters' industrial program can contact Kramer through the project website.
19 Even a harmful screening test could appear on the surface as a helpful test, ” Dr. Kramer said.
20 Germany lagged the rest of Europe coming out of the last recession," says jorg kramer, chief economist at Commerzbank.
21 We wanted a new system," says Mrs Kramer, "but what we have now is not what we wanted."
22 Jorgenson began talking to Wendy Kramer, the founder of the DonorSibling Registry.
23 His invention, called the IXI, stored only 3.5 minutes of music on to a chip - but Mr Kramer rightly believed its capacity would improve.
24 time has shown, Kramer was wrong and Szarkowski - not for the first time - was right.
25 Kramer and Roth began by seeking to determine whether one's mood differs between night and morning, and whether this is related directly to sleep.
26 So if it's a new symptom that's getting worse, Kramer suggests a doctor's visit, just in case.
27 Kramer, who organises the annual British Invention Show, is now working on a patented invention he claims will be bigger than the iPod.
28 Steve Kramer, a 56-year-old respiratory therapist from Palos Verdes, California, is more concerned about post-apocalyptic raiders.
29 William Easton Kramer You're Jill's husband right?
30 Oh, this is Kramer. Chas Kramer, asshole.