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Koyuk River in a sentence

1. Some modern researchers associate Kheuveren with Koyuk River.

2. The village is located on the northern bank of the Koyuk River where it drains into Norton Bay.

3. The Koyuk River (also spelled, Kuyuk) is a river on the Seward Peninsula of western Alaska, in the United States.

4. The Koyuk River, one of the largest in the Seward Peninsula, originates in a lake (no designated name) bounded on the north by the Bendeleben Mountains, in the upper reaches of the Bering Land Bridge National Preserve, in Northwest Alaska.

5. The river empties into Norton Bay, which it enters via a tidal estuary downstream of the river's confluence with the East Fork Koyuk River near the village of Koyuk.

6. During the gold rush, there was intense activity in the region but hardly any gold was found though claims had been staked at many places within the Koyuk River valley.

7. Under the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act (ANILCA) (P.L 96-487) the Koyuk River is categorized as "Freshwater Aquatic Herbaceous" and is one out of 25 nominated as the National Wild and Scenic Rivers.

8. There are a network of trails in the basin, prominent among these are the Koyuk River-Buckland route and the Koyuk-Kiwalik route.

9. On the northern side of the Bendeleben Mountains, spruce is found in the valley of the Koyuk River, west to the vicinity of Timber Creek on the south, and to the tributaries heading toward Kiwalik Mountain on the north.

10. Some modern researchers associate Kheuveren with Koyuk River.