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Kotzebue Sound in a sentence

1. The largest polar bear sighted in history, a male weighing 2209 pounds, was sighted at Kotzebue sound.

2. It has long been a stopping place for travelers between Arctic coastal areas and Kotzebue Sound communities.

3. Kotzebue lies on a gravel spit at the end of the Baldwin Peninsula in the Kotzebue Sound.

4. Since 1983, belugas have been increasing scarce in Kotzebue sound.

5. Kotzebue also named a small bay east of Kotzebue Sound after Eschscholtz.

6. Farthest west, the Kobuk empties into Hotham Inlet, the easterly arm of Kotzebue Sound.

7. Kotzebue Sound is ice-free from early July until early October.

8. The towns of Kotzebue, Kiwalik and Deering are on the shores of Kotzebue Sound.

9. in fact, the world's record largest polar bear at 2,210 pounds (1,002 kg) was observed at Kotzebue Sound.

10. The eastern coast of Kotzebue Sound is broken by many deep embayments and inlets.

11. The largest tributaries of Kotzebue Sound—the Noatak, the Kobuk, and the Selawik—flow into the inlet.

12. The Noatak flows generally westward for about 425 miles (684 km) to the Chukchi Sea at Kotzebue Sound.

13. The 3,400 square mile (8,700 km²) refuge is situated on the Arctic Circle to the east of Kotzebue Sound.

14. Grinnell joined the Long Beach and Alaska Mining and Trading Company to Kotzebue Sound, Alaska.

15. The company landed at Cape Blossom in Kotzebue Sound in July 1898.

16. this bay protrudes from the Kotzebue Sound in a southeasterly direction.

17. From Kiana, the Kobuk flows southwest into Hotham Inlet of Kotzebue Sound on the Chukchi Sea.

18. Walker Lake is the source of the Kobuk River in northwestern Alaska (emptying into Kotzebue Sound).

19. The bay is on Kotzebue Sound of the Chukchi Sea.

20. It separates Alaska's North Slope from the Kotzebue Sound.

21. On its southeastern side there is the small Goodhope Bay, an inlet of the Kotzebue Sound.

22. Goodhope Bay is a small bay in the Kotzebue Sound, on the Chukchi Sea-facing coast of Alaska.

23. Cape Deceit extends into Kotzebue Sound, 2 mi. NW of Deering;

24. Eschscholtz Bay is an arm of Kotzebue Sound, on the Chukchi Sea-facing coast of the U.S. state of Alaska.

25. Chamisso Island is a small island in Kotzebue Sound, Alaska.

26. It is located in the east of Kotzebue Sound on the Chukchi Sea coast.

27. Puffin Island is a rocky islet in the Kotzebue Sound, Alaska.

28. Spafarief Bay is a bay in the Kotzebue Sound, on the Chukchi Sea-facing coast of Alaska.

29. Next year, on 15 July 1849, the two ships came together at Kotzebue Sound.

30. Ashford was one of the unfortunate stampeders to the Kotzebue Sound area in 1898.