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Kook in a sentence

31. These backronyms include: Please Log Off, Net Kook;

32. Letter of Rav Boruch Ber Leibowitz About Rav Kook.

33. Letter of Rav Chaim Ozer Grodzinsky About Rav Kook.

34. Hutner's work Pachad Yitzchok has no overt reference to Kook.

35. Common synonyms for crank include crackpot and kook.

36. the "Pniney" series was published by Rabbi Bentzion Kook.

37. Wilbur is a kook, a wanna-be surfer of limited skill.

38. KXLF had signed on three months before KOOK in 1953.

39. Of the five, only Kook was a member of the Bergson Group.

40. This left Kim Jong Kook looking for a new partner.

41. Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook was the first Rabbi of Neve Tzedek;

42. with Caroline Kook vowing to marry him when he is found.

43. Sinker was filmed under the working title Kook's Tour.

44. He encouraged Rabbi Kook to become the Chief Rabbi of Jaffa.

45. In his youth he became close to Abraham Isaac Kook.

46. "Haroeh" is an acronym for HaRav Avraham HaCohen Kook.

47. Finding the doctor gone, Kook set his house on fire.

48. his daughter, Leah, is married to Rabbi Dov Kook.

49. He was later certified as a rabbi at the Rav Kook Institute.

50. . The second alteration to the Kook by Hardtke was the shark.

51. He received the Rabbi Kook Jewish Book Prize in 1953.

52. Miriam Kidron is the great-niece of Abraham Isaac Kook.

53. Portrayed by Shannon Kook, Jordan Green (season 6–present;

54. Lalkunwarni Kukre Kook (1998) is a children's story.

55. Charlap was particularly influenced by Kook's thought.

56. He is a close disciple of Rabbi Tzvi Yehuda Kook.

57. It was hosted by Park Soo-hong, Han Go-eun and Kim Jong-kook.

58. She is not a psychic, nor a homicide detective, nor a kook.

59. She seems like a kook, but she is just grand, really.

60. Dahn Kook Popular Culture Art Graduate students, everybody.