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1 Kodak will ship a new digital camera DC215.
2 Kodak, a camera company, contrasts its inkjet printers with unnamed "big printer companies" and refers people to a website to calculate how much money they have lost by owning another brand.
3 Kodak, long a stalwart of the photography industry, has been tweaking its ways over the past couple of years.
4 great Edward Steichen photographed Isadora Duncan at the Acropolis, Athens in 1921. He used a Kodak borrowed from the head waiter at his hotel.
5 Kodak, for example, hit by the sudden rise of digital cameras in the developed world, wrongly assumed that it would still be able to sell old-fashioned film and film cameras in China instead.
6 Author Brian Coe was the Curator of both the Kodak Museum in Harrow, England as well as Curator of the Royal Photographic Society at Bath, England.
7 The two men travel in separate unmarked cars that take different routes to the Kodak Theatre—both with an off-duty member of the LAPD in tow.
8 finding that falling plaster had smashed all the cameras in his studio, portrait photographer Arnold Genthe borrowed a small Kodak and recorded the devastation as it overtook the city.
9 Motorola, Kodak, and Apple. Several years ago, he moved his residence from New Jersey to Nevada.
10 Known as the historical headquarters of past-their-prime corporate icons like Kodak, Xerox and Bausch &Lomb, Rochester suffered decades of painful contraction before finding its equilibrium.
11 possible that the commission will overrule both the staff and the chief ALJ, but it's not something Kodak or its investors can bank on.
12 Any major sporting event these days will attract big sponsors, and the Olympics has always been an event where global giants like Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Kodak, et al can flaunt their wares.
13 will be ostracised at the Kodak Theatre on Sunday night, though should his film win he will be presented with his winner's statuette at a later date.
14 Eastman Kodak published a retrospective monograph of his photographs titled Stay This Moment: The Photographs of Sam Abell.
15 s, small, inexpensive fast-shutter cameras like the Kodak Brownie appeared.
16 Currently the fastest printheads are the continuous inkjet technology heads used in the Kodak Versamark V-Series product range (pictured on the right).
17 The firm alleges that the iPhone uses technology for previewing pictures that infringe Kodak patents.
18 Laberge and his business partner, Doug Richardson, an engineer who also studied physics, met at Creo Products, a Vancouver-based developer of prepress-imaging technology now owned by Kodak.
19 The professor worked with Kodak engineers and researchers at the Naval Research Laboratory and Cornell University to discover the non-blinking nanocrystals.
20 The King's Speech" and "Inception" were the big winners at the Kodak Theatre, with four Oscars apiece.
21 At Drupa 2004 printers concerns about quality were largely dissipated with the quality being shown from HP Indigo, Kodak Nexpress and Xerox iGen3.
22 American global business leadership used to be personified by the likes of General Motors, Caterpillar, General Electric and Eastman Kodak.
23 Others like Kodak and Nokia are re-strategizing in order to remain relevant in a dynamic global market.
24 the faces of the executives of Kodak as the lights come back on is so classic.
25 In the Kodak case, all that happened was a judge agreed to send to a six-member commission for final review a case that had already gone against Kodak twice.
26 The Eastman Kodak Company was an iconic industry leader.
27 Since 2002, the awards have been broadcast from the Kodak Theatre.
28 It has the disadvantage that Eastman Kodak already thinks it has taken that prize.
29 Instant photography threatened Kodak's profits from chemicals and film. Kodak responded by introducing its own instant photography products.
30 Film users can extend the flash range by using Kodak Max versatility or versatility plus film. Watch the light.