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No. sentence
1 The Sword split the Knight's helmet and bit him fatally.
2 Dany glanced at Daario and saw anger flash across his face. He did not know. "I have need of knights" she said.
3 Dany glanced at Daario and saw anger flash across his face. He did not know. "I have need of knights," she said.
4 The land, as far as the eye could see, oozed the romance of history when marauding knights swooped like eagles from the fortified heights to prey on their foe.
5 Many brave knights tried to pull the sword out, but they all failed.
6 When the British attacked the Irish, they used dogs to fight, and the Irish in turn used Irish Wolfhounds to attack knights on horseback.
7 Legend has it that knights who died at the Battle of Kosovo in 1389, when the Serbs and their Balkan Allies were defeated by the invading Ottoman Turks, are buried here.
8 In the castle he had a round table, where he sat with his knights.
9 Greek tyrants, Arab emirs, Norman knights, Byzantine bishops and Holy Roman Emperors made Sicily the place it is.
10 Then, to decide which moves are blocked by Black's own pieces, you take a bitboard of all of Black's pieces, take the complement (the NOT operator) and then AND it to your knights' moves bitboard.
11 They belong to the Knights of Columbus.
12 It is in combat that we learn a knight's true nature, whether he is indeed a warrior or a coward.
13 of Christendom, Kings and their knights rode off to Crusades with papal blessing, as David and the hosts of Yahweh redivivus, cleansing the Holy Land of infidels.
14 In Damon Knight's 1950 short story "to Serve Man," aliens befriend us only to eat us.
15 In the tales of King Arthur and his knights, one recurring story is the quest for the Holy Grail.
16 in the fictional world of Azeroth, it added new playable characters, such as Death Knights, as well as a new territory, Northrend, made up of icy wastelands and perilous dungeons.
17 The Tony Knightsbridge neighborhood derived its name from the alleged duel two knights fought over a bridge.
18 This courtly Poetry came out of the idea of chivalry and courtly love that you might associate with knights in shining armor.
19 Uther the Lightbringer: Ah, good timing, lad. I sent two of my best knights in to parley with the orc leader. They should be returning shortly.
20 Cleopatra fell in with the most celebrated military commanders of her day, sequentially allying herself and producing children with her white knights, Julius Caesar and Mark Antony.
21 Thee castle was the brainchild of Bavaria's "mad" King Ludwig Inspired by Wagner's operas, the young King Ludwig sought to recreate the legendary dreamworld of medieval knights and heroes.
22 Inspired by Richard Wagner's operas, the young King Ludwig sought to re-create the legendary dreamworld of medieval knights and heroes.
23 Prepare to defend the castle... catapults are armed, drawbridge is drawn, the knights are ready!
24 One says the Knights Templar, a medieval military order that persisted for more than 200 years, took it from Jerusalem during the Crusades.
25 Although relatively few people were killed by Roman soldiers with their shorts swords or by medieval knights in their heavy armor, by modern times the carnage had become general.
26 He was so short that he needed a stool to stand on to shoe the great steeds of the knights.
27 ran the earliest true inns to cater for pilgrims and knights on their way to the Crusades in the Holy Land.
28 She agreed to answer his question, but he'd have to accept her price; the old witch wanted to marry Gawain, the most noble of the Knights of the Round table and Arthur's closest friend!
29 Knights were expected to pay ransoms to save their lives.
30 Many knights battled the dragon but their swords could not cut its thick scales.