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No. sentence
1 The knight dismounted his opponent.
2 Once it cools down, the new, stronger plastic retains its expanded shape, and will accommodate anything from a Turkey to a new CD to a Sea Knight Navy helicopter.
3 She traps my bishop with her knight, flashes me a sly smile.
4 Under such ideals a knight would fight for his lady, and love her; but only in an “honorable” way.
5 A chalk drawing shows a caricature of a medieval knight about to slay a dragon - reminding students they'll be using their reading strategies during independent reading time.
6 Knight found the kittens, still too small to open their eyes, and brought them back to the vet along with Jolie.
7 When the knight came nearer he was a handsome lord, who stopped and admired the magnificent gold and silver tree, and said to the two sisters, "To whom does this fine tree belong?
8 But for now you can follow in the footsteps of Morgan Freeman, who walked through the market in the latest Batman movie "the Dark Knight".
9 The knight wrenched at her arm again, as if she were some common serving wench.
10 This week the film became the first since The Dark Knight two summers ago to hold on to the top spot in the US film charts for four consecutive weekends.
11 Knight: Weve been fighting for your honor all day, burning the towns of your enemies to the west.
12 Knight scoffed at the 1980s aerobics trend and kept Nike focused on designing for elite athletes, only to see Reebok overtake his company by selling sneakers to women.
13 CH-46E Sea Knight helicopter with Marine Medium helicopter Squadron 265 lands at an improvised landing zone in Sendai on March 14, 2011.
14 company was founded in January 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports by Bill Bowerman and Philip Knight, and officially became Nike, Inc. in 1978.
15 Glen Johnson had a safe game at centre-back where he partnered Fulham's Zat Knight.
16 Such craft might look like slightly portly U-2 spy planes, or possibly like the White Knight mother ship developed to launch Virgin Galactic's tourist spaceships.
17 Castresana often compared the criminals he investigated to characters from literature, and he seemed to conceive of himself as an Arthurian knight swept up in one heroic battle after another.
18 You describe yourself as a hero, as a knight.
19 From Memento to The Dark Knight to Inception, he manages to create films that are intelligent, thought-provoking and not quite what you would expect.
20 He thought the littlest knight was the biggest fool.
21 he was a yeoman, not a peasant, knight or disposed Nobleman, and he wasn't even a social rebel.
22 I contemplate the board, trying to find a way to take her knight or move my bishop.
23 In chess, value is not the pawn, knight, or bishop.
24 Think like a knight and slay the rain with this awesome Broad Style Sword Umbrella.
25 knight rode over the drawbridge into the castle.
26 The knight carved the chariot and the chameleons that had embossment become.
27 this floating pavilion, claimed on parliamentary expenses by a Conservative knight of the shires, revealed something rotten about the House of Commons.
28 The hardest moves to compute are those of the knight, for it can leap over and around other pieces, and the moves are not in a straight line or diagonal like all of the other pieces.
29 The Soviet knight is dying inside his armor.
30 Jedi Knight Aayla Secura and clone Commander Bly led the Star Corps of clone trooper infantry through the wild underbrush of the planet, searching out Separatists forces that lay in wait.