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No. sentence
1 Architect Alexander Kira argued in his 1966 book the Bathroom that human physiology is better suited to the squat.
2 Kira studied our bottoms and determined where the stuff comes out and where our bodies can provide the best support without pressing our cheeks together, making things even harder to get out.
3 Our current bathtubs are even worse. Kira said.
4 Kira of Cornell University looked at the bathroom sink, and toilet and tub, in the early sixties and was appalled. He wrote.
5 Alexander Kira figured this all out 50 years ago, and nobody is listening.
6 Kira reported on an English study that found that 44% of the population had dirty underwear. Kira liked to quote the author of the study.
7 Kira Testin knew that something was wrong before she and her husband ever saw the fertility specialist.
8 But why do women in the public eye feel they cannot age - and what pressure does it put on ordinary people? Kira Cochrane reports.
9 The study's author, Dr Kira Birditt, of the University of Michigan, said: 'We're not suggestingthat people should drink more or change the way they drink.
10 parent-child relationship is one of the longest-lasting social ties human beings establish, " says Kira Birditt, researcher at the Michigan Institute for Social Research."
11 You know the little freak chick, Kira, right?
12 We are so hard on you Because we want you to challenge yourself, to be your own person. How exactly did you get Graham to ditch Jenny for Kira?
13 I thought it went on forever. Kira, watch out!
14 When Arivama was getting smug over it Kira thanked him.
15 I was relaxing in bed, enjoying the peace, Kira suddenly burst through the bedroom door.
16 Once he turned back to Kira he already broke into a building.
17 Kira Ayn Varszegi, 34, presses her paint-covered breasts against canvases, applying different colors and "brush" positions to create images.
18 It says the earthquake was 80 miles (129 kilometers) west of the island chain's Kira Kira island.
19 Then he orders Kira to do the same but Kira simply looking bore and refuse to.
20 to hit Kira.
21 He says he is not surprise because Kira is such a coward.
22 Caption: Thankfully, Kira, a 5-day-old baboon, is fed on something less alcoholic by a keeper at the same zoo in Siberia.
23 Who gives Kira a summer kiss?
24 In recent years, the brew has been popularized by Wade Davis (One River), English novelist Martin Goodman in I Was Carlos Castaneda, Chilean novelist Isabel Allende, writer Kira Salak, author Jeremy Narby (The Cosmic Serpent), author Jay Griffiths ("Wild: An Elemental Journey"), American novelist Steven Peck, radio personality Robin Quivers, and writer Paul Theroux (Figures in a Landscape: People and Places).
25 The Persian chronicles speak of Qirat and Nur (or Nardin) which H. M. Elliot on authority of Al-Biruni identifies with Nur and Kira tributaries of Kabul river.
26 In particular, the performances of Viennese Actionist Hermann Nitsch, Istvan Kantor, Franko B, Lennie Lee, Ron Athey, Yang Zhichao, Lucas Abela and Kira O'Reilly, along with the photography of Andres Serrano, have incorporated blood as a prominent visual element.
27 Xenogears contributor Tomohiko Kira played guitar on the beginning and ending themes.
28 Fourth-wave feminism is "defined by technology", according to Kira Cochrane, and is characterized particularly by the use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, and blogs such as Feministing to challenge misogyny and further gender equality.
29 His daughter, Kira Hagi (born 1996), has started an acting career.
30 In the second-season episode "Crossover", the DS9 crew first becomes aware of this alternate universe when Kira and Dr. Bashir experience operational difficulties while traveling through the Wormhole and wind up back on the station in the Mirror Universe dominated by the Klingon–Cardassian alliance.