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Kim Clijsters in a sentence

1. Hingis then lost a quarterfinal match to Kim Clijsters.

2. Belgian tennis player Kim Clijsters;

3. In the third round, she faced Kim Clijsters.

4. In the second round, she lost to Kim Clijsters.

5. In the final, she was defeated by Kim Clijsters.

6. She was defeated in the semi-finals by Kim Clijsters.

7. 14) Kim Clijsters, (1983-) tennis player.

8. She lost to returning Kim Clijsters in the second round.

9. She is very close friends with Kim Clijsters.

10. Kim Clijsters was added to the team as a marquee player.

11. Lynch is married to Belgian tennis player Kim Clijsters.

12. She admires Kim Clijsters.

13. Radek Štěpánek, 7–6, 7–6. Kim Clijsters def.

14. First-seeded Kim Clijsters won the singles title.

15. Tennis idol was Kim Clijsters.

16. Lee Hyung-taik and Kim Clijsters won the singles titles.

17. and Kim Clijsters in the WTA Tour Championships.

18. Kim Clijsters def.

19. . Championship Match Kim Clijsters def.

20. Kim Clijsters, in her post final speech.

21. Sjeng Schalken and Kim Clijsters won the singles titles.

22. Kim Clijsters-2009 US Open Grand Slam singles champion.

23. However, she lost to Kim Clijsters in three sets.

24. Her tennis idol is Kim Clijsters.

25. Kim Clijsters defeated.

26. Idolizes Serena Williams and Kim Clijsters.

27. Kim Clijsters def.

28. Kim Clijsters was the home crowd favourite;

29. Kim Clijsters was the home crowd favourite;

30. Kim Clijsters' racquet: 151, 000 yen.