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Khasic in a sentence

1. Blench suggest that Khasic may have been an early offshoot of Palaungic that had spread westward.

2. A subsequent computational phylogenetic analysis of the Austroasiatic language family by Sidwell (2015b) suggests that Austroasiatic branches may have a loosely nested structure rather than a completely rake-like structure, with an east–west division (consisting of Munda, Khasic, Palaungic, and Khmuic forming a western group as opposed to all of the other branches) occurring possibly as early as 7,000 years before present.

3. Within Austroasiatic, Khmu is often cited as being most closely related to the Palaungic and Khasic languages.

4. The Khasic or Khasian languages are a family of Austroasiatic languages spoken in the northeastern Indian state Meghalaya and neighbouring areas of Bangladesh.

5. Megam has been strongly influenced by Khasic languages, while Deori-Chutia by the Idu Mishmi language.

6. The Garo natively speak the Garo language, whereas all the other studied populations natively speak Khasic languages.