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1 Toles depicts Kerry and an advisor strolling past the White House, atop which workmen are busy covering a billboard with an anti-Kerry AD.
2 The US pressure rose yesterday when John Kerry offered a stark choice: agree an inspection regime or risk the prospects of getting a crucial climate change law through the Senate.
3 North Korea, for its part, is presumably rooting for Mr Bush's opponent, the more conciliatory-sounding John Kerry, to win.
4 You know the famous John Kerry statement, 'Who wants to be the last person to die for a misbegotten cause?'" he says.
5 I had won more electoral votes than in 1992, and four of the seven Senate candidates I had campaigned for won: Tom Harkin, Tim Johnson, John Kerry, and, in Louisiana, Mary Landrieu.
6 Mr Karzai was flanked at yesterday's announcement by Mr Kerry, the US and UK ambassadors, and the United Nations envoy to Afghanistan.
7 Kerry Knudsen, lichen curator of the University of California, Riverside Herbarium, discovered the species in 2007 while doing a survey for lichen diversity on Santa Rosa Island in California.
8 The overwhelming majority of never-married, divorced and widowed women already support Kerry, but they have been one of the demographic groups least likely to vote.
9 In 2008, Brenner sold the pier to a brother-sister partnership, Kerry and Michelle Michael, who undertook a multimillion-dollar renovation that included a go-kart track, a bar and a climbing wall.
10 If you're not seen to be helping your constituents, you will not be re-elected,” says Martin Ferris, Sinn Fein TD (member of parliament) for Kerry North.
11 If you’re not seen to be helping your constituents, you will not be re-elected,” says Martin Ferris, Sinn Fein TD (member of parliament) for Kerry North.
12 Team engineer Kerry Kirwan is flanked by team directors Steve Maggs (left) and James Meredith.
13 And then I’d walk into somewhere like the Blackwater Tavern, along the back roads of Kerry, just as the all-Ireland football finals between Cork and Down were beginning.
14 Franken and Kerry challenge the claim that arbitration is usually settled to the satisfaction of complainants.
15 As chair of the foreign relations committee, Kerry will play a pivotal role in getting any treaty ratified by the Senate.
16 Both George W. Bush and John Kerry are scions of influential East-Coast families. This automatically makes them suspect in the eyes of a vociferous minority of Americans.
17 But while championing the Senate resolution, Senator Kerry argued the administration's logic is sound.
18 Two water in Qionghai Hekou County River mouth to join before that, Kerry plot to Boao in the South China Sea.
19 His plea deal was announced after special Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood consulted with defense and prosecution attorneys, the two surviving administrators and the widow of the man who died.
20 George Bush not only beat John Kerry by huge margins among "values voters". He also profited from a visceral sense that there was something unAmerican about the Democrats' secularism.
21 Messrs Kerry and Lieberman have tried to be generous, and aides called the bill an invitation to further negotiation.
22 New Mexico governor Bill Richardson and Massachusetts senator John Kerry are also on Mr Obama's short list for Secretary of State.
23 This was a great business move for both of us. Kerry began a job in nursing at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach.
24 He [Kerry] voted to authorize the use of force [In Iraq] and says that it is the wrong war at the wrong time at the wrong place," President Bush said.
25 One month ago, Senator Kerry had a double-digit lead over the President when asked who voters trust to do a better job on the economy.
26 At the same time we had appealed to recognize our existence and efforts to Mr. John Kerry, "he said."
27 Oliphant gives us a good sample of Kerry on a bad day, with all his unfortunate verbal habits on show.
28 How happy would you be if it was President Kerry?
29 Some of the most prominent candidates for top jobs—Larry Summers for Treasury, John Kerry for State and Al Gore for the environment agency—are also ghosts from the past.
30 Obama - like Senator John Kerry before him - proposed a job creation tax credit during his presidential campaign, and then in discussions for the stimulus package.