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No. sentence
1 KELLY: Ah, so it's all about if you think that the people waiting in line with you are waiting just as long, you dont mind it so much as if you think they might be sneaking up 17 seconds before you.
2 daring of Mr Kelly to invite such a direct comparison of his theories to the ramblings of a madman.
3 On Thursday, the president began with words to one attendee, astronaut Mark Kelly, the husband of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.
4 Now that he's 19, Dylan has surfed some of the biggest events and made a film with Kelly Slater.
5 Ruth Kelly wants to continue the explosion in leisure travel by indulging it with new airports and untaxed fuel.
6 Both bridal gowns pay homage to an earlier dress worn by Grace Kelly on her wedding day to Prince Rainer of Monaco in 1956.
7 One of them called herself Machine Gun Kelly; her act included a coffin.
8 Commissioner Kelly said police are reviewing footage from video cameras from hotels and businesses in the area as part of their investigation.
9 Kelly learned the fundamentals of strength training during his Marine Corps service.
10 Kelly: This is your sixth book. How has the ever-increasing availability of information changed how you write books? Do you still go into libraries with stacks?
11 Kelly thinks the scorching temperatures are behind around three-quarters of the reported deaths.
12 Through the Freelancers Union, Kelly purchased health insurance for herself and her family.
13 Photos of John Kelly.
14 Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly chat backstage at the Academy Awards in 1956, where both appeared as presenters.
15 she published a memoir of her love affairs with some of the most famous names in Hollywood, including Marlon Brando, Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra and Howard Hughes.
16 It didn’t because that January, when Kelly was cut open for a biopsy, the lump turned out to be nothing.
17 Kevin Kelly once explained how to calculate the date of your death.
18 State Department Spokesman Ian Kelly said the decision was conveyed on Tuesday to the Syrian government.
19 One question haunts me: Where was God when Kelly was freezing to death on Mount Hood?
20 Alone in the snow cave, Kelly made desperate calls on his cell phone.
21 Kelly: This is your sixth book.
22 KELLY: Well. You know I always respect your opinion, Sharon.
23 You can call me Kelly.
24 Strangely, a part of me does not want the grief to stop, because the grief itself is a connection to Kelly.
25 KELLY: Boys are like that. They always complain like that.
26 Kelly: And how would you define this thing?
27 Kelly is from Jamaica. When she went to England with her parents, her aunt Mary met them at Heathrow Airport.
28 Kelly: What it communicates to me is that information is a definite, specific thing, rather than an indefinite generalization.
29 those of us who, seven years ago, watched Kelly give evidence to another committee, the resemblance was disturbing and painful.
30 I don't know why God did not rescue Kelly from the cold grip of the mountain.