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Keith Miller in a sentence

1. Chappell's childhood hero was Keith Miller.

2. Sam Loxton and Keith Miller, members of the legendary 1948 Invincibles.

3. in cricket, Keith Miller and Garfield Sobers.

4. It was at training camp that he first met Keith Miller.

5. (The other two are Keith Miller and Sir Gary Sobers).

6. Twelfth man: Keith Miller Australia.

7. cricketers Sir Donald Bradman and Keith Miller;

8. His aggregate was only 13 behind that of all rounder Keith Miller.

9. The first came in the Second Test in Sydney when Keith Miller was injured.

10. the second-place finishers, Keith Miller and John Wilson, batted .302.

11. Freer was a fast-medium bowler more accurate than Keith Miller.

12. One of his teammates was Keith Miller, a future Invincibles colleague.

13. Bill Brown and Keith Miller.

14. He was out for 24 to Keith Miller as the match was drawn.

15. Richard Keith Miller is the founding president of Olin College since 1999.

16. Keith Miller, founder of Helix Studios.

17. Keith Miller departed in mid-2003 to return to college.

18. Keith Miller played the Moog solo and also toured America with the band.

19. Keith Miller may also refer to:

20. Along with Keith Miller he played in the R.A.A.F. Cricket team in England.

21. Keith Miller and Bill Edrich were pilots based in England.

22. Guy Keith-Miller is the Chair of the Council.

23. Keith Miller was selected for the 1956 Ashes tour.

24. The all-rounder Keith Miller played, but was unfit to bowl.

25. Although a few fans did receive the English fanzine of Keith Miller.

26. Keith Miller, 725 @ 72.50 (HS 185);

27. Keith Miller was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma on April 19, 1927.

28. Keith Miller is a journalist, based in London.

29. Noel Keith Miller (1 July 1913 –

30. His nephew, Keith Miller, became Chief Executive.