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No. sentence
1 The book was Keats: Poetry And Prose.
2 You can do more for an ailing friend with Keats than with a Hallmark card.
3 In the old part of the graveyard, barely a field when Keats was buried here, there are now umbrella pines, myrtle shrubs, roses, and carpets of wild violets.
4 And most appallingly, no, catastrophically, tragic of all, was the life of Keats, a man pursued by bad luck from the start.
5 After explaining why he devoted himself especially to English romantic poetry, the scholar discoursed (at great length) on the poetic style of John Keats.
6 When I look at the philosophy of people like Schopenhauer or the philosophy implicit in Byron (pictured right), Shelley or Keats, there’s something really doomed about it.
7 South Bank Show” has been a long-running answer, indeed rebuke, to the hoary old question about the relative merits of John Keats and Bob Dylan.
8 Keats is like a bee. He's all into the sensuous.
9 Keats felt with walking he was part of the land - that he didn't have to be a rich person to be able to experience the sublime (he couldn't afford to go further afield on the Grand Tour).
10 mists and mellow fruitfulness,” said Keats, not actually picking out celery in so many words, but plainly including it in the general blessings of the autumn.
11 On the mantelplace was a bust of Keats on a pedestal.
12 Shelley and Byron were the sons of aristocrats while Keats was the son of an innkeeper.
13 Which means Keats, Shelley and Byron all died within three years of each other.
14 Keats wanted an anonymous headstone.
15 when Payling asks: "Do you know how Keats died?" that the roomful of students finally begins to come alive.
16 A few personal notes in the visitors' book convey the meaning of Keats to his many admirers: "I've wanted to come here for 40 years."
17 Other scholars can debate whether Keats, at 24, dying, working in the anything-goes medium of poetry, actually knew what he was talking about when he wrote those words.
18 By then I had moved on to other poets and other books, but that little volume of Keats is the thing I would wish to preserve, under glass.
19 And Keats - my heart aches - murmuring of love and languorous death.
20 Keats is a professor at the University of Western Cape in South Africa.
21 February 23, disillusioned and in great emotional and physical turmoil Keats died.
22 Keats says being able to see the software's source code, or computer language code, and being able to rewrite or make changes gives users a sense of ownership.
23 In one of Rome's "better kept secrets" as the travel guides like to refer to the third-floor apartment where John Keats spent the final months of his life.
24 I have met several adolescent consumption-snobs, who thought that it would be romantic to fade away in the flower of youth, like Keats or Marie Bashkirtseff.
25 Poor Keats has now his wish - his humble wish," he wrote, "he is at peace in the quiet grave."
26 Halfway through the introduction it struck me that I couldn't name a single Keats poem.
27 case, for example, with Keats.
28 I like Keats, but back to McGann: Keats can't possibly have thought in that demeaning way about women.
29 Nobody has ever really said that, and if he didn't rewrite it, then Keats must have given it to him in that form.
30 The best lyric poems—think of Keats or Shelley, for example—are moments of epiphany, a sudden opening out onto magic casements.