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No. sentence
1 Kate could hardly believe that he would dare come on to her like that.
2 I was only aware of these two boys being my Cousins," says the oldest of the 'Obama cousin' clan, 17-year-old Kate Condell.
3 Make sure the area under brows is completely smooth after tweezing, " recommends Venoit, whose famous canvases include Kate Moss and Liv Tyler.
4 But in down-to-earth William and nice, middle-class Kate, maybe the monarchy has chanced upon a marriage that can help it reinvent itself.
5 You wanna see where Wills climbed on to a nightclub table and yelled ‘I’m free’ after he dumped Kate in 2007?
6 They give you a little bit of background but all I knew was that Kate was in a plane crash on a tropical island and that there was some creature on the island.
7 William and Kate, both 28, have so far revealed only that the wedding will take place in either the spring or summer next year with bookmakers tipping July and August as favorites.
8 Kate has said she'd prefer to make her way to the ceremony by car rather than in the traditional, Cinderellaesque "glass coach," though she will depart by carriage.
9 three in Amman in 1985, Kate was enrolled in a local nursery, the Al-Sahera Kindergarten, and there she learned nursery rhymes in Arabic as well as English.
10 She and William had discussed engagement at length and he had assured her that things would be formalised within weeks,’ says a friend of Kate.
11 That would be like the worst thing for me ever,” said Kate Healy, 39, as she clutched a black-and-white shirt to her chest while on the third floor of Macy’s in Herald Square on Friday.
12 Kate was friends with William, then 19, but is thought to have been dating her first university boyfriend Rupert Finch at the time.
13 After months of secrecy, the news of where Prince William and Kate would spend their honeymoon finally leaked this week.
14 We can thus watch the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton with a bit of a smirk.
15 In a second study, Dr Holmes asked around 100 student volunteers to watch Serendipity -the 2001 romantic comedy starring Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack, while 100 watched a David Lynch drama.
16 Friends have also revealed that Kate plans to wear diamond-and- pearl earrings on the day, although it is not known if they are new or family heirlooms.
17 Kate: Life is not a book, Alex. And it can be over in a second.
18 Kate wrote to condole with her friend on the death of her mother.
19 What we most expect from William and Kate is another generation of the House of Windsor, so time away from the spotlight is good.
20 William loves Kate, but he’s also very fond of the Middleton family and spends a lot of time with them,” says one of their circle.
21 We've got life-size cutouts of William and Kate," boasts one headmistress, claiming: "The children are really excited."
22 Jolie is a past master at not betraying her emotion s on awards night - she also smiled gamely at the Golden Globes when Kate Winslet forgot her name and referred to her as "the other one".
23 But while most people are looking forward to seeing William and Kate walk down the aisle, not everyone is in a mood to throw confetti.
24 One admirer wrote: "I'll gratify your slightest wish, whether t'were small or great, say the word at once you're heard, my pretty pretty Kate."
25 Since 2005, Doherty has become well known to the public at large as a result of his relationship with supermodel Kate Moss, his status amongst fans and his infamous rock and roll lifestyle.
26 The TLC network, which long ago transcended its "Learning Channel" origins and gave the world Jon and Kate, now features obesity-programming blocks.
27 Kate has organized the main wedding cake, commissioning luxury cake designer Fiona Cairns to make a huge multi-tiered fruit cake decorated with cream and white floral decorations.
28 A life-size image of Britain's Prince William and Kate Middleton is carried past a London bus near Trafalgar Square by people working on a commercial video shoot for a supermarket chain.
29 The design has a blue border, scrolls and love hearts around a photo of Prince William and Kate Middleton with beaming smiles.
30 Chinese porcelain manufacturing company has won the order to make the official tableware to be used at the British royal wedding of Prince William and his fiancee Kate Middleton.