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Karl Marx in a sentence

61. Some have described Karl Marx as a techno-optimist.

62. Karl Marx lived at No. 64 Dean Street around 1850.

63. Karl Marx (1818–83) often attended their meetings.

64. Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin were both Jewish.

65. I stand by the Cross and I stand by Karl Marx.

66. Karl-Marx-Allee looking towards the Berlin TV Tower.

67. Among Hegel's disciples and critics was Karl Marx.

68. the procession with the portrait of Karl Marx;

69. He read widely in Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud.

70. He was a literary hero to both Karl Marx and Lenin.

71. In Capital, Karl Marx criticized Ricardo's idea.

72. it appeared in 1848–49, with Karl Marx as editor.

73. He represented the Karl-Marx-Stadt sport club.

74. In 1980, Zinner was awarded the Order of Karl Marx.

75. Karl Marx begins with the concept of commodities.

76. One of his famous students in Bonn was Karl Marx.

77. In 1843 Karl Marx married Jenny von Westphalen.

78. The notion goes back to the works of Karl Marx.

79. The other books are: (i) Buddha and Karl Marx;

80. In Paris he met Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

81. Train shed of Karl-Marx-Stadt Hauptbahnhof in 1976.

82. He also started studying the works of Karl Marx.

83. Both Frederick Engels and Karl Marx read the book.

84. He also helped Karl Marx in his legal affairs.

85. His sporting career began with SC Karl-Marx-Stadt.

86. Dan Leno, Karl Marx, George Gissing and John Cree.

87. Carlo was originally named Karl after Karl Marx.

88. The Young Karl Marx (French: Le jeune Karl Marx;

89. She grew up in Riesa and Karl-Marx-Stadt/Chemnitz.

90. these trends a belated vindication of Karl Marx?