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1 Kaplan, a professor at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, thinks private equity will end up mimicking the large investment Banks that went public over the past few decades.
2 The idea was first set out in an article that Kaplan wrote in 1992 for Harvard Business Review, along with David Norton, President of a consulting firm.
3 Theoretical physicist David Kaplan has found a company that replicates tools and pretty much anything else you can imagine with a 3d copy machine.
4 In their best-selling book the Balanced Scorecard, 10 Robert Kaplan and David Norton highlighted several ways in which business decision - makers can increase the long-term value of the business.
5 computer industry has been working on improving energy consumption for years, says Katharine Kaplan, of the Environmental Protection Agency's Energy Star program.
6 Kaplan, who has steered Animal Planet in this direction, says the "hands-on-hips" documentary presenter is out of style.
7 During one hearing, Kaplan mused disapprovingly about American attorneys who travel abroad to represent foreign clients suing U.S. companies.
8 Robert Kaplan of Harvard Business School, a former vice-chairman of Goldman Sachs, applauds the prospect of pay in financial services reverting to less giddy levels.
9 in the 1970's, another young scientist, Michael Kaplan discovered neurogenesis (the birth of new neurons) in the brains of rats.
10 Kaplan published 19 papers on the subject, but his work met with enormous resistance, and he eventually left research science and went on to a career as a rehabilitation doctor.
11 Chevron and its corporate Allies have urged the appellate court to let Kaplan move ahead.
12 Kaplan (born 1940) is one half and David Norton is the other of the most inseparable double-act in management.
13 Kaplan and Norton have published very little individually.
14 Katz, Dr.Avi Kaplan and doctoral student Tamara Buzukashvily, of BGU's Department of Education, recommend parents give their children some choices, including when or where to do homework.
15 So to use an analogy that I think that David Kaplan, a philosopher of UCLA offers you've to think it more like a bologna or salami that you can slice.
16 Kaplan said the analysis shows a 1% increase in annual shareholder returns over the past three years equated to about $1 million in a CEO's pockets.
17 Kaplan has signaled strongly where his sympathies lie.
18 Like NEWSWEEK, Kaplan Inc. is a part of The Washington Post Company, so I am unapologetically prejudiced.
19 Judge Kaplan issued a temporary order in February forbidding enforcement of the Ecuadorean verdict.
20 Kaplan, author of "Mr. Clemens and Mark Twain: a Biography," said in a telephone interview: "one thing that gets Mark Twain going is his rage and resentment."
21 And that is what David Kaplan and his colleagues at Tufts University have been trying to do.
22 similar conclusion has been reached independently by Hillard S. Kaplan, an anthropologist at the University of New Mexico.
23 KAPLAN: Well, there's always the risk of a miscalculation or an accident at sea.
24 Kaplan seems to come up with one big idea per decade.
25 KAPLAN: I think what we do is... We do several things.
26 Kaplan says that sometimes we can find the best mindfulness coaches right at home.
27 On another occasion, Kaplan suggested from the bench that the suit against Chevron was nothing more than a cynical con.
28 Kaplan, an American writer, says that NGOs fill the void between thousands of villages and a remote, often broken, government.
29 The Washington Post newspaper is supported by Kaplan, an education outfit.
30 I said, 'Take it down to Fio and have him poke some holes in it,'" Dr. Kaplan recalled.