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1 Kant believes we, as individuals, are sacred and the bearer of rights, but not because we own ourselves.
2 I have not, as Kant enjoined, regarded each man as an end in himself, but as material that might be useful to me as a writer.
3 Kant believed republican regimes held out the best prospect for peace, because in such states war depends on the consent of citizens, which is not likely to be forthcoming.
4 Kant thought this kind of reasoning could be applied to many of our most cherished moral imperatives and would entail the obedience of any rational creature.
5 Immanuel Kant says that in so far as our actions have moral worth, what confers moral worth is precisely our capacity to rise above self-interest and inclination and to act out of duty.
6 Kant claimed in his work to have discovered and laid out universal principles of thought applicable to the whole of mankind and for all time.
7 Thus one cannot rationally assert that everyone should break their promises and hence, argued Kant, we have a duty as rational creatures to keep them.
8 In the first of his Critiques, Kant was concerned to justify metaphysics as a legitimate subject of inquiry.
9 When Norton wandered into the intricacies of Kant, Kreis reminded him that all good little German philosophies when they died went to Oxford.
10 The theory of euthanasia has a long history. Pythagoras, Bacon, and Kant, have put forward and support of euthanasia.
11 Kant developed a very elaborate theory to explain how was it that Hume could be wrong.
12 The Facebook page cites philosophers like Machiavelli, Kant and John Stuart Mill.
13 He conducts a class dedicated to the understanding of 'intelligible and sensual design in inner and outer nature', first expounded by Immanuel Kant.
14 The thought of Practice rationality first", coursed Kant to person's essential question discussion to the moral domain.
15 Malcolm started reading Kant and Nietzsche, H. G. Wells and Herodotus; he even tried to memorize the dictionary.
16 So let's look at what happened after Kant.
17 Thus Kant claimed both the Categories and space and time, which he called 'forms of intuition', were imposed on phenomenal experience by the human mind in order to make sense of it.
18 I knew there was a book on Kant and another on Hegel that my father had written, and I searched for them and showed them to her.
19 It limited itself at first to sending paratroopers to secure the base at Kant, and then sending relief supplies.
20 Kant realised that taking this seriously entailed that some moral rules could not be rationally broken.
21 philosopher, even if he is Kant, is a creator.
22 What makes the class so compelling is the way Sandel uses real-life examples to illustrate the philosophies of the likes of Aristotle, Immanuel Kant and John Stuart Mill.
23 Kant would say that, if you would do that then you're manifesting the fact that you, you could believe something is wrong without believing you shouldn't do it.
24 I wanted to talk to the philosopher who had written about Kant and Hegel, and who had, as I knew, occupied himself with moral issues.
25 Colonies, as Smith and Bentham argued, are not cost-effective - and, as Kant and DE Condorcet believed, they are also unjust.
26 Well Kant thought that there are certain things that we do know about the world with absolute and complete certainty, here are some of them.
27 Then along came Immanuel Kant, very famous philosopher.
28 Kant and all these others had assumed that geometry does give us pure insight into the way the world is.
29 I had been much influenced by the more philsophical American Transcendentalists as a teenager, and had taken my first look at Kant during high school.
30 Kant and Rawls think Patrick has a point.