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Kahrs in a sentence

1. Christopher Kahrs, one of the richest merchants in Bergen, purchased Kræmmerholmen in 1799.

2. ]) and Johannes Kahrs (from the SPD);

3. Rebecca Horn; Johannes Kahrs;

4. Johannes Kahrs (born 1965 in Bremen, West Germany) is an artist based in Berlin.

5. In April, 2006, GCPS allotted GIVE West its own principal, Dr. James Kahrs.

6. Kahrs can refer to:

7. After visiting school in Bremen, Kahrs joined the Bundeswehr and became an officer.

8. Kahrs is openly gay.

9. Kahrs became a member of the Social Democratic Party of Germany in 1982.

10. During his first term between 1998 and 2002, Kahrs served on the Defence Committee.

11. Kahrs resigned from his mandate and all political positions on May 5, 2020.

12. Kahrs is a proponent of an accession of Turkey to the European Union.

13. Johannes Kahrs may refer to:

14. Ballermann, released in 1974, featured new classically trained keyboardist Mist (Volker Kahrs).

15. In 1900 Christian Kahrs' machine was tested in Oslo.

16. Kahrs was born in Hamburg, Germany.

17. Kahrs' book has become an international business best seller and is now also available as an eBook.

18. The group is led by Petra Ernstberger, Carsten Schneider, and Johannes Kahrs.

19. The Circle is led by Petra Ernstberger, Carsten Schneider, and Johannes Kahrs.

20. Kahrs was elected to the Norwegian Parliament in 1904, but only served one term.

21. After her finals, she supported the Johannes Kahrs' campaign for the Bundestag.

22. Kahrs developed the story on storyboards and wrote the original draft of Paperman.

23. However, Kahrs always intended for the character to have a rather large nose.

24. The current MP is Johannes Kahrs of the SPD, who has represented the district since the 1998 election.

25. John Kahrs (born 1967/1968) is an American actor, animator and film director.

26. Kahrs attended NSCAD University, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1990.

27. Kahrs was born in Bergen, Norway in 1918 into a family of German origins.

28. After the war, Kahrs was arrested and charged with treason.

29. she succeeded Johannes Kahrs in that position.

30. a great scene in the incredibles that Animator John Kahrs did.