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1 Our route from Lake Geneva to the Channel more or less drew itself: over the Jura by the lowest pass we could find, through Burgundy and across to the Loire for an easy day on the riverbank.
2 At first, after "a quite unendurable winter", he revelled in the isolation and wild beauty of Jura.
3 city of northeast France commanding the strategic belfort gap between the vosges and the Jura mountains thus dominating the land approaches from France Germany and Switzerland. Population 51206.
4 of massive mountain ranges includes the Alps, which separate France and Italy, and the Jura Mountains that delineate the Franco-Swiss border.
5 Switzerland comprises three basic topographical areas: the Swiss Alps, the Swiss plateau, and the Jura mountain.
6 Next, Total plans to connect a new discovery called Jura to the platform.
7 None of the accounts of my father's time on Jura recognise how essential she was.
8 life on Jura was that he and his young son could enjoy the outdoor life together, go fishing, explore the island, and potter about in boats.
9 The northern, more populous part of the country is more open, but can still be mountainous, for example, in the Jura Mountains, a smaller range in the northwest.
10 Geneva is situated between the Jura range and the Alps on the western end of lake Geneva.
11 Geneva is located at the southwestern corner of Lake Geneva, between the Jura Mountains and the Alps.
12 Alpine mountains: and the pyrenees and the Jura mountains, etc. FaYi 4810 meters at the border, mont mountain in Europe.
13 ABSTRACT: France's Jura region, nestled in the foothills of the Jura Mountains between Switzerland and Burgundy, is one of those roads less traveled.
14 A lake on the Swiss-French border between the Alps and the Jura Mountains. It is traversed east to west by the Rhone River.
15 Jura Legacy is exclusive to travel retail.
16 Nearly 40 top craftsmanship, in the production of watches and clocks in the process of the noble tradition of Jura Valley perfect integration.
17 Bakunin's faction (the Jura Federation) and Proudhon's followers (the mutualists) opposed state socialism, advocating political abstentionism and small property holdings.
18 Series of lower mountain ranges run parallel to the main chain of the Alps, including the French Prealps in France and the Jura Mountains in Switzerland and France.
19 The Alpine orogeny occurred in ongoing cycles through to the Paleogene causing differences in nappe structures, with a late-stage orogeny causing the development of the Jura Mountains.
20 There, in one of the major Swiss engineering feats of the 19th century, the Jura water correction, the river, which had previously rendered the countryside north of Bern a swampland through frequent flooding, was diverted by the Aare-Hagneck Canal into the Lac de Bienne.
21 Aalen is situated on the upper reaches of the river Kocher, at the foot of the Swabian Jura which lies to the south and south-east, and close to the hilly landscapes of the Ellwangen Hills to the north and the Welland to the north-west.
22 The Baden-Württemberg State Institute for Environment, Measurements and Natural Conservation has laid out six protected landscapes in Aalen (the Swabian Jura escarpment between Lautern and Aalen with adjacent territories, the Swabian Jura escarpment between Unterkochen and Baiershofen, the Hilllands around Hofen, the Kugeltal and Ebnater Tal valleys with parts of Heiligental valley and adjacent territories, Laubachtal valley and Lower Lein Valley with side valleys), two sanctuary forests (Glashütte and Kocher Origin), 65 extensive natural monuments, 30 individual natural monuments and the following two protected areas: The 24.1 hectares (60 acres) large Dellenhäule protected area between Aalen's Waldhausen district and Neresheim's Elchingen district, created in 1969, is a sheep pasture with juniper and wood pasture of old willow oaks.
23 Aarau is situated on the Swiss plateau, in the valley of the Aare, on the river's right bank, and at the southern foot of the Jura Mountains, and is west of Zürich, and 65 kilometres (40 mi) northeast of Bern.
24 The old city of Aarau is situated on a rocky outcrop at a narrowing of the Aare river valley, at the southern foot of the Jura mountains.
25 In 1514 Bern expanded north into the Jura and so came into possession of several strategically important mountain passes into the Austrian Fricktal.
26 The Sequani did not reside in the region of the confluence of the Dubis and the Arar, and of the Arar into the Rhodanus, as Caesar says that the Helvetii, traveling southward along the pass between the Jura Mountains and the Rhodanus, which belonged to the Sequani, plundered the territory of the Aedui.
27 In 1938 the Austrian political cabaret writer Jura Soyfer and the composer Herbert Zipper, while prisoners at Dachau Concentration Camp, wrote the Dachaulied, or The Dachau Song.
28 Currently located at the Jura Museum in Eichstätt, Germany, it is the smallest known specimen and has the second best head.
29 The following day, the Allied army swung away from the Rhine towards the hills of the Swabian Jura and the Danube beyond.
30 because it is so near other countries and is beyond the Jura Mountains, many within the Swiss military reportedly believe that the city is indefensible during wartime.