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1 At the June 1856 Republican National Convention, though Lincoln received support to run as vice president, John C. Frémont and William Dayton comprised the ticket, which Lincoln supported throughout Illinois.
2 Edward Shawcross summarizes Ardao's and Rojas Mix's findings in the following way: "Ardao identified the term in a poem by a Colombian diplomat and intellectual resident in France, José María Torres Caicedo, published on 15 February 1857 in a French based Spanish-language newspaper, while Rojas Mix located it in a speech delivered in France by the radical liberal Chilean politician Francisco Bilbao in June 1856".
3 In June 1856, shortly after Charles Sumner, a United States Senator, was beaten for his staunch abolitionist views, Emerson lamented that he himself was not as committed to the cause.
4 Following the exclusion of Toledo from the railway to the Portuguese border in the 1850s, a project of railway connection from Castillejo to Toledo lobbied by the Marquis of Salamanca was passed in June 1856.
5 After Said's death in June 1856, two of his sons, Thuwaini bin Said and Majid bin Said, struggled over the succession.
6 In June 1856, Fernando Wood appointed a "consulting board" of seven people, headed by author Washington Irving, to inspire public confidence in the proposed development.
7 Seeking a united front and a fresh face for the party, the Republicans nominated Frémont for president over other candidates, and conservative William L. Dayton of New Jersey, for vice president, at their June 1856 convention held in Philadelphia.
8 IN REMEMBRANCE OF SAMUEL GURNEY / WHO DIED 5 June 1856 / ERECTED BY HIS FELLOW PARISHIONERS AND FRIENDS / 1861 / "When the ear heard him then it blessed him" (a paraphrase from the Book of Job, Chapter 29 verse 11).
9 (It afterwards became his co-editor Louis Veuillot's ultramontane organ, L'Univers.) Migne was, until June 1856, owner of the daily Vérité (formerly the Journal des faits), which, being limited to reproducing other newspapers, described itself as the impartial echo of all opinions.
10 In June 1856, I.S. Hyatt founded the Geneseo Republic and began publishing in a building on Main Street.
11 Ghost Town: Walnut Lake, Faribault County WALNUT LAKE Township, settled in June 1856, organized in 1861, bears the name of its large lake, referring to its butternut trees, also called oil-nut and white walnut.
12 A detailed report of the tests on steam traction, carried out by a select Committee of the Board of Ordnance, was published in June 1856, by which date the Crimean War was over, consequently the mortar and its transportation became irrelevant.
13 In June 1856, 1,000 acres (4.0 km) of the property was sold by the Bell heirs to Graff, Hasson &
14 just after Bedřiška's death a fourth daughter, Kateřina, had been born but she, too, died in June 1856.
15 In June 1856, Stephen &
16 In June 1856, the institution opened and was immediately at capacity in housing 50 orphaned American Indian children.
17 The venture was not initially a success, and in June 1856 the Cookes sold the paper to Ebenezer Syme, a Scottish-born businessman, and James McEwan, an ironmonger and founder of McEwans &
18 The first edition under the new owners was on 17 June 1856.
19 The 1856 Republican National Convention convened in Philadelphia in June 1856.
20 Garland moved to Little Rock in June 1856, and became a law partner to Ebenezer Cummins, a former associate of Albert Pike.
21 Negri's candidature was dismissed by the Ottomans, who preferred to appoint Teodor Balș (June 1856).
22 His first wife, Sarah Ann Peter (daughter of Keziah Peter), died of tuberculosis in June 1856.
23 He was restored to his position as a dutong in June 1856, and further appointed as an Interior Minister (內大臣) in May 1859.