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No. sentence
1 Apple and AT&T started offering wifi tethering at $20 per month in June.
2 Admitting that the gigantic and gloomy insurrection of June was composed of a wrath and of an enigma, one divined in the first barricade the dragon, and behind the second the sphinx.
3 Estonia has two more hurdles to jump before it can scotch the scoffers: an EU committee meeting at the end of May, followed by a finance ministers' summit in early June.
4 17th, June, 1631 - Mumtaz Mahal died during childbirth. Her husband, Mughal emperor Shah Jahan I, then spent more than 20 years to build her tomb, the Taj Mahal.
5 When I spent a month in Iran earlier this year, I found people ambivalent about voting in the June election, but also determined that somehow Ahmadinejad's reign must end.
6 He went out of his way, meeting BP executives on June 16th, to insist that he has no interest in undermining the company's financial stability.
7 June 7, 2006 to 21, 45-year-old peasant woman Zhaotong City Miss Wang Hui village due to anemia, went to Zhaotong City Second People's Hospital and Zhaotong City First People's Hospital for treatment.
8 As June turned into July, I set out to learn more about Gejiu’s tobacco industry and the Hongyun Honghe Company, perhaps the least well known of the world’s major tobacco companies.
9 The conference formally opened on June 24.
10 On June 21st Barnes & Noble, a bookseller, dropped the price of its Nook e-reader to $199 in America.
11 Office of Management and Budget said agencies must have network backbones that use IPv6 and other networks must interface with the infrastructure by June 30, 2008.
12 I am the author of a 365-part fiction serial running at MargeryJones.com, and I have a piece of microfiction being featured in an upcoming HarperCollins fiction anthology on sale this June.
13 The L.A. authorities autopsied the body June 26, but the coroner won't release a final report for weeks.
14 Although no new images of him have been published since early June, newspaper articles continue to be published under his name and officials insist he continues to convalesce.
15 Since bottoming out between May and June, prices have ticked upwards every month, while sales have risen from their recession lows.
16 birds, interesting small mammals and wildflowers are all at their peak in June, and snowcapped mountains and brilliant foliage color the fall.
17 Bolivia's president Evo Morales controls the bal during a soccer match against alpine guides at 6000 meters above sea level, at the snowcapped Sajama dormant volcano in western Bolivia, June 12.
18 Since the bad guys are already doing it, he told a spam-fighting conference in Amsterdam in June, the good guys should do it too, in order to develop more secure designs.
19 June 2005 | Salvador da Bahia, Brazil - Many new vaccines that have the potential to save millions of lives are in the research pipeline and will become available over the next decade.
20 In their model simulations, they artificially removed all Arctic sea ice at the beginning of June for selected years and examined if the ice would recover from such extreme event.
21 In honor of the Women's World Cup, which begins June 26 in Sinsheim, Germany, the Sea Life aquarium is looking for the next incarnation of Paul.
22 flies storms whenever the National hurricane Center makes a request-about 60 times a year during hurricane season, June to november-and no planes have ever crashed.
23 June Bombay's High Court upheld the terms of the original agreement.
24 Around 100,000 fans packed the Bernabeu on 21 June to witness the final of Euro 1964 when Spain snatched a victory rife with political overtones from the Soviet Union.
25 We beg President Obama to visit Hollandia when he comes to Indonesia in June to witness the oppression with his own eyes,” says the other, using the colonial name for Papua’s capital, Jayapura.
26 World Justice Project disagrees, releasing a report on June 13th on the status of the rule of law in 66 countries around the world.
27 They are expected to ride in a carriage together during Trooping the Colour - the Queen's Birthday Parade in June - and appear on the balcony with the rest of the royals afterwards.
28 I will come in June if my health permits.
29 Critics often accused Hoover of cowardice, pointing, for instance, to the fact that he didn't join the military in June 1917, when he finished law school and the country was entering World war I.
30 dollar index is already down over 10% since June.