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No. sentence
1 U.S. commuters and companies began sharply paring fuel purchases this year as pump prices soared to over $4.10 a gallon nationwide by July.
2 As June turned into July, I set out to learn more about Gejiu’s tobacco industry and the Hongyun Honghe Company, perhaps the least well known of the world’s major tobacco companies.
3 will graduate from Peking University this July. I have majored in accounting.
4 July and August are unpleasantly hot, and Romans traditionally desert the stiflingly hot city in August, with many businesses closing; try to avoid visiting at this time.
5 A group of experts will meet in July 2007 to produce the first international list of medicines to tackle diseases with high mortality and morbidity rates in children.
6 He would save his orange until his birthday in July.
7 the morning of July 1, a Confederate infantry division clashed with two Union cavalry brigades fighting dismounted a mile northwest of Gettysburg.
8 The finding came in a report published on July 8th by the Texas Transportation Institute, which for years has rung an alarm bell from central Texas in the hope that those in Washington, DC, will hear.
9 Although Fuji can be climbed all year round, the official climbing season is July and August. At this time the peak is snow-free and the huts providing refuge and food along the way are open.
10 July a couple of years ago I took my supper with a Captain Moran on board the S.S. Margaret, that had put into a western river from I know not where.
11 July 2005, tests on three rare Owston's palm civets that died in captivity in Viet Nam detected H5N1 infection, marking the first known infection in this mammalian species.
12 3 PM on July 29, Deng was driving his silver Nissan SUV at 92 kilometers per hour on an expressway in Santai county, Sichuan province.
13 Europe deaf to farmers’ cries,” shouted the front page of one Belgian newspaper after hundreds of tractors gummed up central Brussels on July 22nd.
14 bookseller, announced on July 18th that it will liquidate its remaining stores, leaving nearly 10, 700 staff jobless.
15 A report of wailing noises and mysterious lights being beamed onto a cemetery in Cheshire in July 1996.
16 child of a domestic worker sleeps in a hammock in the northern Indian city of Chandigarh July 26, 2010.
17 Further, his supervisor, al McGartland, also a career employee of the agency, received a reprimand in July for the way he had handled Dr. Carlin.
18 Both Sarwar and Ali were in Pakistan for what police believe was terrorist training at the same time as members of the cell that attacked London on 7 July 2005.
19 September 1988 to July 1990, Teaching Assistant at South China Normal University. Responsible for correcting seniors' English compositions and term papers.
20 When the time came for the charge to begin, 13, 000 Southern troops began their walk in the sweletering July afternoon sun. Confederate cannons had opened fire earlier to prepare for the charge.
21 By the middle of July you should begin to have ripe tomatoes to eat.
22 In London, 21 street pianos have been placed in public gardens, streets and squares until 10 July 2010 to celebrate the City of London Festival.
23 one attack, on July 17th, some 800 Naxalites were involved, and more than 30 people were killed-mostly hacked to death with axes.
24 After last year's baking July, some farmers simply ploughed their under-performing crops back into the ground, rather than spend the money on harvesting them.
25 The document, signed by Mr. Jackson and dated July 7, 2002, was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court Wednesday morning.
26 A report by The Times on July 18 saying 2 monks in Sichuan were shot dead by armed police was fabricated, Xinhua News Agency reported.
27 Many currencies look more out of whack than in July 2007, when we last compared burger prices.
28 But from February through July, Joy sat around with nothing to do.
29 may early be July, but Christmas comes early for some kids in Denmark.
30 complete July averages poll of forecasters, see here.