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No. sentence
1 is impossible that bodies should be minds, yet it was believed that the thundering sky was Jove.
2 The first men, who spoke by signs, naturally believed that lightning bolts and thunderclaps were signs made to them by Jove;
3 By Jove, it is tea, Haines said.
4 his steadfastness to withstand the torment the Titan was supported by the knowledge that in the thirteenth generation there should arrive a hero, - sprung from Jove himself, - to release him.
5 both of Jove and of Christ is obviously in some ways to mix your metaphors and the effect can only be disorienting.
6 By Jove, come up here, old boy.
7 For every gentile nation had its Jove, and the Egyptians had the conceit to say that their Jove Ammon was the most ancient of them all.
8 They believed that Jove commanded by signs, that such signs were real words, and that nature was the language of Jove.
9 Jove shows broad ambition to revive national healthcare industry, compete with the top international healthcare companies and maintaining the sustainable development of the healthcare industry.
10 But for the theological poets Jove was no higher than the mountain peaks.
11 I meditate for half an hour, by Jove I feel better.
12 Thereupon he kills the eagle; and sets jove 's victim free.
13 by Jove, "he said all of a sudden," one's hair turns gray here.
14 fight, by Jove!
15 Or a second later, 'By Jove, how dangerous it is'…
16 By Jove, you're right," said Peter, "and look there - and there." It's trees all round.
17 Colonel: By Jove. It can't be the Pongles.
18 Now this made Jove angry, so he sent among them a big Stork that soon set to work gobbling them all up. Then the Frogs repented when too late.
19 And say, 'By Jove , what an intelligent man…
20 No, by Jove," said he, all of a sudden, "one's hair turns grey here."
21 I also pray for the children of this world and baby Peyton Jove Faye that the Lord will bless and heal all of them and be with their families.
22 this is how Jove rewarded the men who had distinguished themselves through their virtues, because through virtue they had acquired everlasting honour".
23 Versailles found its stately mirror in the powerful idea of classicism – a painting style, enduring in later artists like Ingres, whose austerity and grandeur express the authority of a world where Jove is very much in his throne.
24 In both cases, Johannes Kepler had solved the anagrams incorrectly, assuming they were talking about the Moons of Mars (Salve, umbistineum geminatum Martia proles) and a red spot on Jupiter (Macula rufa in Jove est gyratur mathem), respectively.
25 Many physicians of the time wore their hair in the style of Jove and Asklepius.
26 Akademy-es 2006 was held at Espai Jove Bocanord in Barcelona, organized by Badopi.
27 In antiquity, Latin literature addressed the subject as much as Greek literature: Book III of Ovid's Metamorphoses retells a discussion between Jove and Juno, in which the former states: "The sense of pleasure in the male is far / More dull and dead, than what you females share."
28 In his own character, too, Polyphemus mentions the transgression of heavenly laws that once characterised his actions and is now overcome by Galatea: "I, who scorn Jove and his heaven and his piercing lightning bolt, submit to you alone."
29 It was regarded as the weapon that Hercules used to kill the eagle (Aquila) of Jove that perpetually gnawed Prometheus' liver.
30 As Aeneas later pleads with Dido: The gods' interpreter, sent by Jove himself – I swear it by your head and mine – has brought Commands down through the racing winds!... I sail for Italy not of my own free will.