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No. sentence
1 Please don't partner me up with Mr. Jones for the dinner.
2 vice chancellor of UEA, Professor Edward Acton, said this was "not a demotion but a shift in emphasis of role" for Phil Jones.
3 Although Ms. Jones no longer has that title, she believes she has a right to the good side of her name.
4 On Tuesday afternoon he arrived for his usual Borges seminar at Jones Hall, walking into a small carpeted room with five rows of chairs and a wooden desk in the front.
5 She should also have Scarlett Johansson's lips, the cheeks of January Jones and the jaw line of Halle Berry.
6 From the day I met him until the day I flew home from the White House to speak at his funeral, Hilary Jones was my man in Newton County.
7 But Lord Jones added: "Gordon Brown saying he fundamentally disagrees with Fred Goodwin's behaviour is right."
8 I also want to express my gratitude to all of my teachers over the years, but especially to my acting teacher, Jim Jones, who taught me everything I know.
9 After we had haggled for some time, we decided to the bargain, and Jones bought the cloth for50 pence per yard.
10 Jones: Yes, if I have some left.
11 Though she was identified in the article only as Paula, Jones claimed her family and friends recognized her when they read the article.
12 More widely, Prof Jones has strong views on some of the pervading issues in business schools.
13 I can't put my finger on what makes Raiders stand out from the other Indiana Jones films, but there must be something because everybody agrees.
14 Jones, why were you stupid enough to shoot your mouth off all over town about our plan to buy enough stock in that company to take it over?
15 investigation would be complex and could involve both South Wales police and the Air Accident Branch, Jones said.
16 They will go through a significant search regime, " Commander Jones said.
17 Samantha Jones: Every day?!
18 But before the new Administration can pursue its own lofty hopes for Middle East peace, Jones will have to meet some goals closer to home.
19 After all Starr's efforts to get into the Jones case, the only person who was indicted as a result was Steele, another innocent bystander who refused to lie.
20 Despite its limitations, though, Jones said they had transformed the job of policing Pine Lawn.
21 Professor Jones exhibited all of the items he uncovered during his last expedition.
22 Prof Jones believes that is no longer a selling point.
23 like a dream to me," says Kindu Jones.
24 I think Professor Jones might find it expedient to bring a volunteer like me on his trip.
25 other words, something of significance has happened, Mr. Jones, and that is language, right?
26 Jones is now engineering the Triton 36, 000 with a glass dome for repeated journeys to the ocean's deepest point.
27 He started in only a handful of games during his rookie season, coming off the bench in support of Nick Van Exel and Eddie Jones.
28 My art teacher is Mrs Jones.
29 Where is the Jones family?
30 this, of course, is sung by Nora Jones.