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No. sentence
1 John's mother said she would have his hide if he was late to school again.
2 Johns ends with an insightful chapter describing how the old battles between property, piracy and privacy are being replayed today.
3 I'll engage for John's behaviour should you decide to employ him.
4 Wicky peeked at John's flashlight.
5 She cites a Johns Hopkins University study that found that women in Jordan sometimes start to use contraceptives only after the birth of their fourth girl or second boy.
6 Tom and Casy found the Joads at Uncle John's place all busy with preparations to leave for California.
7 All John's most valuable possessions were taken: his generator, the two small television sets that it powered and the family's cooking utensils.
8 Mr Perino, a professor at St John's University in New York, deftly sets the drama of the Senate hearings within the wider cultural and political ferment.
9 Usually, in the morning, barefoot, the boy followed the cow into the meadow, disappeared beyond John's view, and did not return until dusk.
10 Outside the St John's shopping centre branch, a pigeon was roosting beneath the garish yellow and red signs advertising the 50% off.
11 soon as the Devil got the news, he popped over to John's blacksmith shop. He appeared beside John just as the figure in white had done.
12 The parrot sat, preening her plumage, on Long John's shoulder.
13 If you are seen as a positive contributor then you may get your chance to do John's job better than he did.
14 If you suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD), St. John's wort is a useful complement to light therapy.
15 The Johns Hopkins researchers rotated the Lego board to see how different angles affected the results, and dropped hundreds of balls to obtain the statistics they needed.
16 Rajiv Rimal, associate professor in the Department of Health, Behavior and Society at Johns Hopkins University, contends that social media hold untapped potential for public health.
17 The photographs, and a great deal more, came from the collection of Sir John’s wife, Shelley, who has for some time enjoyed chronicling the life and times of her family and friends on a Facebook page.
18 a commentary with the study, Robert Blum, of Johns Hopkins Bloomberg school of public health, in Baltimore, says that 75% of all deaths in the second decade of life are preventable.
19 Melatonin can be found in some plants such as St. John's Wort.
20 A good pair of long Johns allows you to face the biting cold in relatively normal attire.
21 SUPPLEMENTS are all the rage: evening primrose oil; st John's wort; fish oils; glucosamine; selenium; zinc; iron; molybdenum; probiotics. And don't forget those old standbys, multivitamin tablets.
22 SUPPLEMENTS are all the rage: evening primrose oil; St John's wort; fish oils; glucosamine; selenium; zinc; iron; molybdenum; probiotics.
23 A recent expression of this tendency followed a controversial report on the aid effort prepared by Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore and a group of Burmese aid workers.
24 Tests of mathematical ability were carried out by Johns Hopkins University in Boston on gifted children aged between 11 and 13.
25 seems that girls are assessing their life chances on a number of fronts and making conscious decisions about reproduction," says Johns.
26 Luke 7:24-28 (NIV) After John's messengers left, Jesus began to speak to the crowd about John: "What did you go out into the desert to see?"
27 What Happened: After spending the day studying coal tar derivatives, Fahlberg left his Johns Hopkins laboratory and went to dinner.
28 That will be Johns woke up.
29 Suppose we rip out my heart and put Johns' heart in here.
30 Researchers from Johns Hopkins University reported they may be able to predict how quickly patients with Alzheimer's will lose cognitive function by looking at levels of certain fats in the blood.