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No. sentence
1 he was defeated by John J. Hardin though he prevailed with the party in limiting Hardin to one term.
2 John J. Hardin, of Illinois, who was killed in the Mexican–American War.
3 It was named after Colonel John J. Hardin, who died in the Mexican–American War.
4 At least two accounts have John J. Hardin and R. W. English intervening and convincing the two to cease hostilities.
5 Wool placed Captain John M. Washington's battery across the road, supported by the 1st Illinois under Colonel John J. Hardin and 2nd Kentucky under Colonel William R. McKee.
6 They were met at 5 p.m. by fire from O'Brien and Thomas's guns and two Illinois and a Kentucky regiment under Colonel John J. Hardin, during which Hardin was killed.
7 Also killed were Archibald Yell, former governor of Arkansas, and John J. Hardin of Illinois, a Whig political rival of Abraham Lincoln.