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No. sentence
1 John: You should be nice to him.
2 running around the corner, John collided with another boy.
3 John is expecting us to back him up at the next meeting.
4 John watched every opportunity because he wanted to get on.
5 The whole family felicitated John on his new appointment.
6 Mr John ordered the goods by phone and I booked the order in.
7 John is pensioned by the employer and has departed from the company.
8 John H. Gutfreund, who ran Solomon Brothers during the 1980s, says many Wall Street executives are just whining.
9 Descriptive sentences that are not about social contracts or risk (" people from California are patient; John is patient ", etc) are as difficult for normal people to deal with as colours and Numbers.
10 Ivan Lovett of Queensland, Australia, creates remarkably lifelike busts of famous ICONS such as Salvador Dali, Bob Dylan and John Lennon, from ordinary chicken wire.
11 When John graduated from school, he decided that he was done with study for good and all.
12 John besought her for permission.
13 At the end of the loan upon your payment of the principal and of sufficient additional interest, John Milton, Sr., the goldsmith, would return to you the gold that you had entrusted to him.
14 Black John was savaged by the police.
15 John: Yeah, I had quite a lot before, but I sold all of them to buy this bookshelf.
16 Caterpillar and John Deere, which makes diggers, bulldozers and farm equipment, saw sales leap.
17 My son John has done so many things that I have never attempted, and he has done them well.
18 Mrs. John divorced her husband.
19 Senator John McCain calls the project “a train wreck”.
20 John dear, did you strike her first?
21 Be good to her, John Kirwan, and wherever your horses go I will watch that no ill follows them; but you will never see me more.
22 Its John. Didnt you recognize my voice?
23 His predecessor, John Browne, was in many ways a remarkable chief executive, a man who sprinkled pixie dust onto the company's black gold while also boosting its market capitalisation ninefold.
24 In the 19th century European explorers like David Livingstone and John Hanning Speke came here searching for the source of the Nile.
25 All those elements that would end up becoming orthodox Christianity, orthodox Christology, those can be found in the Gospel of John.
26 Pets!' exclaimed John.
27 Later as they both sat on stools Robin thanked Tuck for the exciting stimulus of the fight and asked Tuck straightforward to join him in his fight against the evil Prince John.
28 experts also proposed that it was a deliberate hoax, possibly forged by John Dee, an English mathematician and astrologer at Rudolph's court.
29 They overturned carts, smashed windows, and drew out Governor John Letcher and President Jefferson Davis.
30 That's because Marissa and her parents, John and Mary, are following the rules that were made during a five-day intervention.