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No. sentence
1 Harry is for our plan and Jim is against it.
2 Jim huddled up an agreement with Harding Co. Ltd. and flew back New York this morning.
3 Jim has three courses to make up before he can get his degree.
4 But we call him "Big Jim" because he's so short.
5 Jim and his wife busted up a year ago.
6 The blonde one came to Dublin with the snow, passion pursuing Jim all grown up and knowing.
7 Mary winked at Jim to show she agreed with him.
8 This week co-CEO Jim Balsillie, during a speech in Dubai, introduced a new innovation for the company's BlackBerry (RIMM) phone that has been widely ridiculed as not new and not innovative.
9 Jim say if he could see George waving his arms and roaring like a madman from the window, as Mrs. Strunk's Benny and Mrs. Garfein's Joe dash back and forth across the bridge on a dare?
10 Jim dinged the computer to her.
11 Jim patched up the broken vase before his wife noticed it.
12 Jim Guy Tucker was lieutenant governor, probably the ablest person ever to hold the job, and we were working together, rather than at cross-purposes, for the first time in years.
13 Jim Little of the University of British Columbia in Canada wants to make robots less clumsy.
14 I told Jim that I totally agree with him.
15 you see there never was a bad James in the Sunday-school books that had such a streak of luck as this sinful Jim with the charmed life.
16 One day her mother asked her: "But Helen, why do you never wear glasses when you are with Jim?"
17 They enquired where Jim lives.
18 Jim plays with her.
19 Jim witnessed my signature on the new agreement.
20 Jim: Then why do you have so much?
21 Jim: Can you tell me why the geese like it here?
22 But I still like Jim more than her.
23 I also want to express my gratitude to all of my teachers over the years, but especially to my acting teacher, Jim Jones, who taught me everything I know.
24 Jim: I wonder where all these people come from.
25 Jim records his workout so that he can refer to it and think about how he should improve his workout the next day.
26 JIM: the one on the black bike.
27 It releases a part of his nature which he hated to let Jim see.
28 deep in the midst of writing the book, during one of the many, many interview sessions we had, that Jim at last offered up that detail.
29 Jim: Do I have to get up now?
30 But Jim never saw it.