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1 Jewish denominations in the state include two Orthodox, four Conservative, ten Reform, and one Humanistic synagogue.
2 There are several possibilities for receiving rabbinic ordination in addition to seminaries maintained by the large Jewish denominations.
3 The divisions between Jewish denominations may have their most pronounced manifestation on whether rabbis from one denomination recognize the legitimacy or authority of rabbis in another.
4 In practice, Jewish denominations define "Who is a Jew?" via descent in different ways.
5 For example, the Hebrew word for earth is 'adama' and the name of the first man is 'Adam' meaning 'of the earth'. Jewish denominations vary in the importance placed on the usage of the original Hebrew text.
6 Like Orthodox Jews, other Jewish denominations may use any or all of the traditional areas and modes of Torah study.
7 Schachter-Shalomi was among the group of rabbis, from a wide range of Jewish denominations, who traveled together to India to meet with the Dalai Lama and discuss diaspora survival for Jews and Tibetan Buddhists with him.
8 On a theological level, American Jews are divided into a number of Jewish denominations, of which the most numerous are Reform Judaism, Conservative Judaism and Orthodox Judaism.
9 In the modern period, Jewish ethics sprouted many offshoots, partly due to developments in modern ethics and partly due to the formation of Jewish denominations.