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No. sentence
1 He loves the South and hopes to remain in this post for a while. But, he says, finding a nice Jewish girl in Mississippi isn't easy.
2 But the Jewish revival is still fragile.
3 An Israeli soldier stands guard as ultraorthodox Jewish men gather to pray at the tomb of Biblical figure Yehoshua Bin Nun, or Joshua, in the West Bank village of Kifl Hareth late Thursday.
4 It is used to calculate Jewish festivals and Holy days.
5 From humble origins as a Jewish breakfast food, bagels have now become a favorite snack all over the world.
6 Paul talks about works in Romans he's clearly talking about works of Jewish law.
7 he turns all this on his Jewish attackers,his critics, and that's what he accuses them of,and then says, you crucified Jesus just like the people rejected Moses and all the prophets.
8 But critics of this methodology complain that it produces a Jesus who is uprooted from his Jewish surroundings and at odds with early Christianity.
9 With her ingratiating giggle and maternal heft, she charmed people with stories of private struggles-with her demanding Jewish mother, her weight, childlessness and loneliness.
10 She wrote as well of having to overcome what she described as an early fear of Jews, though her grandmother was Jewish.
11 Global economy is controlled by Jews a result of Jewish cleverness. Women are stupid and any appearance to the contrary is because they are quite good at covering it up over sometimes.
12 Jews from around the world have a right to immigrate to the Jewish state.
13 And that'll get him in big trouble with both Jews and Jewish Christians, Jewish followers of Jesus.
14 Palestinians' ruling Hamas movement has not yet dared to say out loud that it accepts even the principle of sharing Palestine with a Jewish state.
15 A stern police officer gives a permit to a Jewish-American to let him visit an old Jewish village.
16 It is a very delicate and difficult process for a young person to go through. I know because I was born Jewish and part of me wanted to go out into the world and be like all the Anglo Saxons.
17 Chaplin also played a Jewish barber who gets mistaken for the Phooey.
18 Why do I say Jewish?
19 Would they do that to a Jewish member?" he asks.
20 What was Moses stance on what people should do with the Jewish law?
21 So when you see the term "scripture" in the New Testament, it refers to Jewish scripture that Christians accepted, followers of Jesus accepted, as their own.
22 We study the Bible, we study Jewish thought.
23 the United Nations voted to partition the land into a Jewish state and an Arab state.
24 But as pressure on Israel to pull out mounts, some Palestinians and some Jewish settlers have begun to contemplate what the future might hold, if and when the army leaves.
25 To say, ‘I have a master’s in Jewish studies, ’ what better credential to have when you are on the market?
26 His carnivores get all their meat and poultry at knock-down prices from Jewish slaughterhouses.
27 Every nation has these angelic powers or Satanic powers, because of course satan is himself depicted as an angel in the Jewish Bible.
28 Because the assailants had detailed knowledge of the layout of the centre, police believe they or their accomplices had previously stayed there disguised as Jewish travellers.
29 Let's look at Hebrews now because what Hebrews is, is one long extended sermon that is also an interpretation of Jewish scripture.
30 I think that this is a trend all over the country," said Rabbi Joy Levitt, executive director of the Jewish Community Center in Manhattan.