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No. sentence
1 Jeremy grinned as he sipped his last sip of milk.
2 an evening's worth of TV and count how many times you hear music in the background," says Jeremy Lascelles, chief executive of Chrysalis.
3 This is the sort of thing that Jeremy loves.
4 Jeremy is the only friend who lives near, all my other friends live far away.
5 not surprising that some philosophers, such as Thomas Malthus and Jeremy Bentham, tried to remove emotion from their visions of social reform.
6 Perhaps the good folk of Brighton and Hove should worry less about Jeremy falling in with the wrong sort of classmate, and more about him falling in with the wrong sort of teacher.
7 Jeremy slowed down his pumping and jumped off the swing. He ran toward his mother.
8 This is clearly going to backfire, since we saw what happened with Jeremy — he still felt empty inside after Vicki's death, he just didn't know why.
9 The next day, Jeremy and his mom packed a picnic lunch.
10 If you've got the right content, you've got a business," says Jeremy Evans, founder of Redburn Partners.
11 There’s a major perceived change in the way that Jeremy Hunt views things as opposed to Vince Cable.
12 Sometimes Jeremy is the elephant in the room no one wants to talk about, afraid to upset someone.
13 So they teamed up with Ryan's brother, Jeremy, to become the United States' first supplier of .
14 more famous: Ron Jeremy or his tool?
15 I was 13 and he had just given me a mix tape containing “Jeremy” by Pearl Jam and “November Rain” by GNR.
16 Jeremy Piven has got himself a special fan - U.S. president Barack Obama is obsessed with the star's TV show Entourage.
17 His mother laughed, and Jeremy smiled and quickly fell to sleep.
18 Jeremy asked her why this was so and she told him that she did not like to see so many people laughing at him!
19 Last night, my husband Jeremy smiled and said, "Let's dedicate the next year to a year of happiness." I'm paraphrasing.
20 Three weeks later, Jeremy broke up with me for a girl who went to the same school as him.
21 Jeremy was quiet as his mother tucked him in that evening.
22 I CAN’T pay death duties, I do self-assessment,” quipped Jeremy Hardy, a comedian, in response to the current political shenanigans over how to pay for the care of the elderly.
23 So I used my middle name, which is Jeremy.
24 Jeremy Grantham of GMO, a fund-management group, has compiled an equally weighted index of 33 commodities.
25 new IMF team led by Cruise also features franchise stars Ving Rhames and Simon Pegg while new team members include Jeremy Renner, Paula Patton and Vladimir Mashkov.
26 Another loser, predictably, was onetime Liberal Leader Jeremy Thorpe, 50, who soon faces trial on charges of conspiracy and incitement to murder a man who claimed to be his lover.
27 Even the slaughterman, Jeremy Newman, who sighted them five days after the breakout, admitted: 'You can't be sentimental in this, but I say good luck to them.
28 Army Specialist Jeremy Morlock, 23, told a military court he had helped to kill three unarmed Afghans.
29 I love you," I told Jeremy, gazing deeply into his eyes.
30 All the thanks and glories go to our LORD, Heavenly Father. Jeremy Emmanuel Jingwei March10, 2009.