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1 One result was that Jefferson County, containing Birmingham's industrial and economic powerhouse, contributed more than one-third of all tax revenue to the state, but did not receive a proportional amount in services.
2 For instance, Birmingham and Jefferson County taxes had supplied one-third of the state budget, but Jefferson County received only 1/67th of state services in funding.
3 Lincoln's paternal grandparents, his namesake Captain Abraham Lincoln and wife Bathsheba (née Herring), moved the family from Virginia to Jefferson County, Kentucky.
4 Interior of the Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City, Mexico (1934) Edificio El Moro in Mexico City, Mexico (1936) The Verizon Building in New York City, US (1923–27) Buffalo City Hall in Buffalo, US (1931) Bullocks Wilshire in Los Angeles, US (1929) Louisiana State Capitol in Baton Rouge, US (1930–32) Jefferson County Courthouse in Beaumont, Texas, US (1931) Cincinnati Union Terminal in Cincinnati, US (1933) J. J. Freeman Company Building in Toledo, Ohio, 1930.
5 The center of population of Colorado is located just north of the village of Critchell in Jefferson County.
6 A 1981 study by the Jefferson County health director, Dr. Carl Johnson linked the contamination to an increase in birth defects and cancer incidence in central Denver and nearer Rocky Flats.
7 The City and County of Denver is surrounded by only three other counties: Adams County to the north and east, Arapahoe County to the south and east, and Jefferson County to the west.
8 Though the counties of Virginia that were soon to form West Virginia were specifically exempted from the Proclamation (Jefferson County being the only exception), a condition of the state's admittance to the Union was that its constitution provide for the gradual abolition of slavery (an immediate emancipation of all slaves was also adopted there in early 1865).
9 Charged as an accessory to robbery after being in a car with the perpetrator, Thompson was sentenced to 60 days in Kentucky's Jefferson County Jail.
10 Hagelin received 39,212 votes from 32 states in 1992 (and 23 percent of the vote in Jefferson County, where MUM is located), and 113,659 votes from 43 states in 1996 (21 percent in Jefferson County).
11 44.2% of them reside in Jefferson County.
12 Kentucky is subdivided into 120 counties, the largest being Pike County at 787.6 square miles (2,040 km), and the most populous being Jefferson County (which coincides with the Louisville Metro governmental area) with 741,096 residents as of 2010.
13 Louisville-Jefferson County Government (Louisville Metro) and Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government (Lexington Metro) are unique in that their city councils and county Fiscal Court structures have been merged into a single entity with a single chief executive, the Metro Mayor and Urban County Mayor, respectively.
14 The latter figure is the population of the so-called "balance"—the parts of Jefferson County that were either unincorporated or within the City of Louisville before the formation of the merged government in 2003.
15 In addition, the top 28 wealthiest places in Kentucky are in Jefferson County and seven of the 15 wealthiest counties in the state are located in the Louisville CSA.
16 In 1994, the Ku Klux Klan applied to sponsor a portion of United States Interstate 55 in St. Louis County and Jefferson County, Missouri, near St. Louis, for cleanup (which allowed them to have signs stating that this section of highway was maintained by the organization).
17 The settlers, consisting of fifteen men, eleven women, and six children, all came from Jefferson County, New York.
18 The song mentions the Shenandoah River and the Blue Ridge Mountains, both features traversing the easternmost extremity of the state's "eastern panhandle", in Jefferson County.
19 One result was that Jefferson County, home of Birmingham's industrial and economic powerhouse, contributed more than one-third of all tax revenue to the state.
20 Schmitz's performance in archconservative Jefferson County was the best by a third-party Presidential candidate in any free or postbellum state county since 1936 when William Lemke reached over twenty-eight percent of the vote in the North Dakota counties of Burke, Sheridan and Hettinger.
21 Notable examples are Jefferson County in Washington State, Lane County, Oregon, Marin and Santa Cruz Counties in California, McKinley County, New Mexico, and Rock Island County, Illinois.
22 Orange County was formed in 1852 from portions of Jefferson County.
23 Orange County was formerly a center for the building of warships, and a large U.S. Navy ghost fleet (reserve fleet) still exists in Jefferson County - from which currently, many old warships are being cleaned of water pollution sources and then scrapped for their metals, thus employment for residents of Orange County in shipbreaking.
24 Jefferson County is the name of 26 counties and one parish in the United States: Other:
25 Harpers Ferry, population 286 at the 2010 census, is a historic town in Jefferson County, West Virginia, United States, in the lower Shenandoah Valley.
26 his great-great-nephew, Colonel Lewis Washington, was held hostage during John Brown's raid in 1859, and George's brother Charles Washington founded the nearby Jefferson County town of Charles Town.
27 Jefferson County is a county on the northern border of the U.S. state of New York.
28 Jefferson County comprises the Watertown-Fort Drum, NY Metropolitan Statistical Area.
29 When counties were established in the Province of New York in 1683, the present Jefferson County was part of Albany County.
30 Jefferson County is part of Macomb's Purchase of 1791.