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No. sentence
1 They overturned carts, smashed windows, and drew out Governor John Letcher and President Jefferson Davis.
2 Both translate as happiness, but the latter is what Jefferson was referring to.
3 Jefferson advised Americans that meat should be treated as a condiment for vegetables.
4 Jefferson felt that the Evangelists (Gospel writers) fabricated the miracles associated with Jesus to cohere with their mistaken idea that he was the son of God [source: Reece].
5 They have been spurred in part by DNA evidence made available in 1998, which almost certainly proved Thomas Jefferson had fathered at least one child with his slave Sally Hemings.
6 President Thomas Jefferson negotiated the purchase of the Louisiana Territory from France, doubling the size of the United States.
7 Walking is the best possible exercise. Habituate yourself to walk very fast. ~ Thomas Jefferson.
8 years after Thomas Jefferson exalted the yeoman farmer, barns remain symbols of hard work, community and reverence for the land.
9 great American President Thomas Jefferson once observed that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance.
10 Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and John Quincy Adams, then Abraham Lincoln and in the 20th century just Woodrow Wilson," he said.
11 Aside from the miracles and other things he considered nonsense, Jefferson thought that Jesus was worth studying — or, more precisely, his philosophy was worth studying.
12 The dog, named Chanel, died Friday of natural causes at her owners' home in suburban Port Jefferson Station, on Long Island.
13 wonder Roosevelt's visage is carved into Mount Rushmore alongside those of Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln.
14 Here he penned his elaborate letters to Thomas Jefferson.
15 The White House was “infatuated with decisiveness, dismissive of deliberation”. It was full of idiots who thought it might be a good idea to liken Mr Bush to Thomas Jefferson.
16 But Pope also designed the Jefferson Memorial, which is in the shape of a classical Roman pantheon building.
17 Jefferson Duarte of Rice University in Houston, Texas, and his colleagues are suggesting that one of a person's most telling moral features, his creditworthiness, can also be seen in his face.
18 Then around a bend they appear: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln, each face some 60 feet (18 metres) high.
19 Blind Lemon Jefferson. Matchbox Blues.
20 Jefferson and James Madison met in 1776.could it have been any other year?
21 Madison and Thomas Jefferson, for instance, fell from financial grace and died awash in debts.
22 difficulty for the state comes when its will to power generates what Thomas Jefferson called "a long train of abuses" that create a burning desire within people to rise up and demand freedom.
23 One of the latest casualties is the sewer system of Jefferson county, Alabama.
24 Jefferson produced the Declaration with the aid of a ghostwriter, a woman of color named Betty Mae, who was a non-voluntary worker.
25 Bob Dylan and the Jefferson Airplane played folk rock, folk ideas with a rock beat.
26 In America Jefferson County in Alabama is suing JPMorgan Chase for allegedly mis-selling credit derivatives.
27 friendship to be like wine, raw when new, ripened with age, the true old man's milk and restorative cordial. —Thomas Jefferson.
28 Stan Jefferson directs player development for the football program at Ohio State University.
29 The next day Hillary and I attended the dedication of William Jefferson Clinton Elementary Magnet School in Sherwood, just outside North Little Rock.
30 At least one of them had belonged to Thomas Jefferson.