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No. sentence
1 Jean knew the only way to be content without her husband's love was to seek an expression of love from God.
2 Jean Valjean set the two candlesticks on the chimney-piece, where they glittered to the great admiration of Toussaint.
3 It was late the next day before Jean and George found him lying on a sheltered patch of ground. His right front leg was shattered, jagged splinters8 of bone jutted through the skin.
4 A few days later, it chanced that jean Valjean was sawing some wood, in his shirt-sleeves, in the corridor.
5 The therapy stems from nearly 20 years of research on hereditary blindness in mice and dogs by Jean Bennett, a molecular geneticist at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.
6 Becaue of the time limitation, the Jean Bodin mainly enunciated the independence and supreme of national sovereignty in a home angle.
7 Also on the block are the outbuildings of the hotel DE Noirmoutiers, built in the 18th century by Jean Courtonne, the architect who designed the prime minister's mansion.
8 But Martelly says despite being opponents for the presidency, he and Jean are friends.
9 Then Jean Valjean, like all the sorry fugitives who are seeking to evade the vigilance of the law and social fatality, pursued an obscure and undulating itinerary.
10 As Jean Baudrillard showed in his book "Simulacra and Simulation", hyper realistic fake creations flood our lives, and even rise to the apex of culture.
11 Here all personal theory is withheld; we are only the narrator; we place ourselves at jean Valjean's point of view, and we translate his impressions.
12 fontis which jean Valjean had encountered was caused by the downpour of the preceding day.
13 He turned. A ray of moonlight outlined his profile, and jean Valjean recognized old Fauchelevent.
14 There have been few movies so beautifully woven, few characters like Leon, played by Jean Reno.
15 The first day that Cosette went out in her black damask gown and mantle, and her white crape bonnet, she took Jean Valjean's arm, gay, radiant, rosy, proud, dazzling.
16 When Javert had disappeared, jean Valjean fired his pistol in the air.
17 November 11, 2003, Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing held talks with Mr. Jean Ping, Minister of State, and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and Francophone of Gabon.
18 Jean Ping said that Gabon and China have maintained close brotherly relations. Gabon thanked the Chinese government for long-time selfless assistance to Gabon.
19 October 31, 2010, Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi and African Union (AU) Commission Chairman Jean Ping co-chaired the third China-AU strategic dialogue.
20 Just now, as I was coming hither," replied Jean Valjean, "I saw a piece of furniture in the Rue Saint Louis. It was at a cabinet-maker's.
21 His preoccupation must indeed have been very profound for him not to insist on this alarming rescue through the sewer, and for him not to even notice jean Valjean's silence after his question.
22 Jean Valjean, with the gentleness of movement which a brother would exercise towards his wounded brother, deposited Marius on the banquette of the sewer.
23 A damned soul, who, in the midst of the furnace, should suddenly perceive the outlet of Gehenna, would experience what jean Valjean felt.
24 A moment later, jean Valjean accosted her, and asked her to go and get this thousand-franc bill changed for him, adding that it was his quarterly income, which he had received the day before.
25 So I came home at Christmas with my hair down to my shoulders, and a jean jacket with a big, red fist on the back - you know, saying, you know, arise ye proletariat or whatever.
26 These stockings, which still preserved the graceful form of a tiny leg, were no longer than Jean Valjean's hand.
27 Jean Valjean opened his eyes wide, and stared at the venerable Bishop with an expression which no human tongue can render any account of.
28 Frankie began following Jean on his rounds, and the slight, white-haired man followed by the delicate golden fawn soon became a familiar sight.
29 Under a large stone, Jean Jacque found a few workers of Cerapachys, an early lineage of army ants that specialize in eating the young of other ants.
30 Jean Valjean held out his hand, and Fauchelevent precipitated himself upon it with the touching effusion of a peasant.