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No. sentence
1 Yokohama, a Japanese tyremaker, is promoting a tyre made with oil from orange peel, a waste product from the production of orange juice.
2 We spent a week following a launch of a satellite for a Japanese cartoon channel.
3 be sure, the Japanese currency could also lose steam, undermining the strong-yen experiment.
4 Both men say Japanese society too often turns a cold shoulder to the unemployed and bankrupt, and breeds a culture where suicide is still seen as an honorable option.
5 Japanese public broadcaster NHK reported on Sunday that Japan's Air Self-Defense Force had started to deploy units capable of shooting down a rocket to the northern prefectures of Akita and Iwate.
6 wireless tycoon, plans to build huge solar-power stations and a new grid to connect Japanese prefectures.
7 Japanese tea lovers are staging the world's largest tea party and Kuwait is offering the world's largest cheque.
8 the Japanese corporate warrior with a new insouciance.
9 she published an authoritative account in Scientific American of how Japanese mariners drifted to Ecuador five thousand years ago.
10 He and the pilot drifted for 47 days-braving shark attacks, Japanese strafing, hunger and burning thirst, with only rainstorms and occasional fish or birds for sustenance.
11 Japanese fishing boat was hauled out of the Pacific Ocean by a Russian ship on Monday.
12 Referring to his headgear, he said: "I found this Japanese hat."
13 The occupants of the college struggle to find enough food fuel and shelter for everyone in need living in constant fear that the Japanese will overrun the place.
14 Many Japanese regarded him as ablest Chinese strategist alive .
15 This conference would be an ideal forum in which to press the Japanese to remove their remaining restrictions.
16 Many Japanese, it seems, would be angry if they were not allowed to eat a prized source of sushi and sashimi to extinction.
17 mortality rate from heart disease and other stress-related ailments among trainees in their 20s and 30s is almost double that of Japanese of the same age, she says.
18 Japanese bio engineers have succeeded in growing a tooth from cells implanted into a mouse kidney, using a technique that could create replacement organs faster than previously tested methods.
19 On the other hand, Japanese people have shown great civility amid this massive natural disaster and there have been no instances of looting.
20 The unexpectedly vast fallout from the bomb enveloped a distant Japanese tuna trawler named the Lucky Dragon No. 5 in a blizzard of radioactive ash.
21 Another indication that the Japanese are trying to marshal world opinion on their side is that the Vatican statement deploring the bombing was repeatedly broadcast by the Japanese radio to Europe.
22 The last japanese thrusts had been hurled back .
23 In the food court, they eat pita wraps and Japanese noodles.
24 Strolling around the atmospheric streets today conveys accurately the feeling one would have once had of being in a Japanese town, which was that of walking along exquisite wooden corridors.
25 But if you want to make the greenest use of them that you can, turn them into wrapping paper (or rather wrapping cloth), the Japanese way.
26 Always at the forefront of design, Japanese designers have enticed the most discerning and sophisticated clientele, with their mastery in lighting, sensuous themes and experiential drama.
27 A Japanese official said on Friday that the talks will focus on such issues as the resumption of stalled bilateral working group negotiations under the six-party framework.
28 Global supply chains stalled as the tsunami disrupted production of critical Japanese high-tech components such as silicon wafers for semiconductors.
29 scored 56 goals in 91 appearances for Japan, currently plays for Japanese second division club Yokohama FC following a brief spell with Australia's Sydney FC.
30 North American native-English speakers will often substitute other vowels for /a/. For example, the Japanese city of Yokohama might be pronounced ; sayonara (Japanese for 'goodbye') ;and Paris .