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No. sentence
1 If you are a novice to cherry blossoms viewing in Japan, make sure you check out when the cherry blossoms are expected to bloom where!
2 Fertility rates in many European nations and Japan have dropped below the replacement rate, causing concern that shortages of labor and productivity could threaten the quality of life.
3 In Japan the media and the opposition seize on such differences as evidence of disarray.
4 Most people think of Japan as a compact collection of large islands, but a map of the country shows otherwise.
5 Japan, a country of islands, extends along the eastern or Pacific coast of Asia.
6 Units carrying Patriot Advanced Capability-3 missiles left a base in central Japan early on Sunday and expected to arrive at the northern prefectures on Monday, NHK said.
7 That means Japan must be accorded a full place in a Concert of Asia.
8 This was raised in a concert he organized to help victims of the Japan quake and tsunami.
9 Nearly all of the fish grown at farms in Japan are moved there after being netted at sea as youngsters.
10 When Shizuka Kamei, the minister of financial services and postal reform, unveiled plans in March to halt the planned privatisation of Japan post, several ministers publicly balked.
11 and working through World War I and World War II, Foujita's persevered to paint and carry on holding exhibitions in Japan, Europe and South America simultaneously.
12 Yet change is needed in Japan, he admits.
13 Japan might be able to unload more of its steel abroad.
14 As I read in this thought provoking article, how helpful was security for the people in Japan who were hit by the Tsunami recently?
15 crouched under their desks at their school in Onagawa, Miyagi prefecture, on April 12, 2011, as a powerful aftershock hit northern Japan.
16 Upon graduation he drifted for a while, and then returned to his parents' house in southern Japan.
17 in Shimane, Japan is famous for its cool roof made of stairs.
18 Australia, England, Indonesia, Japan, Russia and the United States have all bid for both championships, and there are joint bids from Belgium with the Netherlands and Spain with Portugal.
19 Japan thus far shows no remorse of its past misdeeds, refuses to repent, and appears to be untrustworthy.
20 The United States, Japan and South Korea have all promised a new era in relations with North Korea, once Pyongyang fulfills the six-nation process of eliminating its nuclear arsenal.
21 Two research teams in the US and Japan have made embryonic stem cells – or something very like them – directly from human skin cells, without having to destroy an embryo in the process.
22 REITS have existed in America for decades but in recent years they have spread into new markets, such as Japan and Hong Kong.
23 That makes Shenzhen more engaged in innovation than Brazil or Russia, but far less than Japan or Israel, and thus more vulnerable to competition.
24 giant Tsunami wave that devastated the northeast coast of Japan wiped out the region's coastal fishing industry, and cut the country's total seafood production by a quarter.
25 Except at the most youthful of fashion and dot-com companies, casual Fridays never really caught on in Japan.
26 To date, the world's only successful economies of any size - with the exception of Japan - have been European or, in the case of the US, of European pedigree.
27 In Japan, because people will be less, although there are a large number of rural surplus labor transfer, but not high concentration of land, remained small-scale production.
28 The chef said he was given the picture shortly before he fled to Japan in 2001.
29 As well as border disputes on land, China pursued maritime and island claims with Japan, and also laid claim to a great swathe of the South China Sea stretching down almost to the coast of Borneo.
30 From there she found herself in roles in TV commercials, which brought her to Japan early on in her career.