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1 On January 11, 1861, Alabama declared its secession from the Union.
2 It seceded from the Union on January 11, 1861, and was a founding member of the Confederate States of America on February 4, 1861.
3 During the ensuing American Civil War Alabama had moderate levels of warfare.On January 11, 1861, the State of Alabama adopted the ordinances of secession from the Union (by a vote of 61–39) Alabama joined the Confederate States of America, whose government was first organized at Montgomery on February 4, 1861.
4 On January 11, 1861 Alabama seceded from the Union.
5 Alabama seceded from the United States on January 11, 1861.
6 On January 11, 1861, the Alabama Secession Convention passed a resolution designating an official flag.
7 Ignacio Manuel Altamirano wrote a novel, set in Yautepec, about the war and the bandits, called El Zarco: Episodios de la Vida Mexicana en 1861–63. The war ended on January 11, 1861, when Benito Juárez took control of Mexico City.
8 On January 11, 1861, Bragg led a group of 500 volunteers to Baton Rouge, where they persuaded the commander of the federal arsenal there to surrender.