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No. sentence
1 James began publishing a newspaper, the new England Courant.
2 lawyers reserve the right to challenge the fee committee's decisions at the end of the case, but the ultimate call will be up to the bankruptcy judge, James Peck.
3 He often argues philosophy with James.
4 It updates the vocabulary and grammar of the King James Version, while preserving the classic style and beauty.
5 If you have an item you think we should include, please contact Dick Davies or James Snider.
6 James , the mayor of Kansas City, says it's still not clear why the place wasnt' fully evacuated by the time went up .
7 In England, Elizabeth I bathed only once a month and James I, her successor, seems to have washed only his fingers.
8 The Ebionites faithfully observed the Law of Moses, claiming that in doing so, they were following the example not only of James, Peter and the disciples, but of Jesus himself.
9 Before anything began, however, the governor of the island thanked James for his warning.
10 hypocrite for calling James out on his decision to play with two other great players?
11 Now, James and her crew of technicians are looking for fungicides that may be even more effective in killing the spores.
12 you see there never was a bad James in the Sunday-school books that had such a streak of luck as this sinful Jim with the charmed life.
13 James will be back at once, hang on.
14 But it suffices.. "Everyone in England who has ever seen one will remember where they saw it," says photographer and kingfisher thrall Charlie Hamilton James.
15 Many of them are not and, as William James points out, every animal, most animals, many animals love their children.
16 On the first play of the fourth quarter, with Arkansas leading 14-0, the Texas quarterback, James Street, made an amazing forty-two-yard touchdown run on a busted play.
17 reinsurers are likely to suffer combined losses of $10 billion-20 billion, according to James Shuck, an analyst at Jefferies International.
18 And when the East made it close in the third quarter, Bryant dunked over a chasing James who was going for the block, then nailed a 3-pointer to make it 90-79.
19 In the final quarter of the series, the dominance was even more apparent — James, Wade and Bosh combined for 24 points while Allen, Pierce and Garnett tallied just two points.
20 James said "Copy that, we're going in," Jeff whispered.
21 James would have been the standout baller he has become, but Jordan paved the way, in gold, for all the marketing opportunities LeBron has.
22 Pic.2, 3: Schoolgirl Kirsty McRae pictured before she used a sunbed in James Hadley's unmanned tanning salon which gave her severe burns.
23 Secondly, the English in the King James Version is not at all the same language spoken today.
24 Nothing doing, David James apart, if he's willing to shift his Chopper collection and begin a painstaking search for a visually-impaired Bolton barber.
25 Photographer James Appleton, 23, from Cambridge, risked his life trekking solo to the area and captured these incredible shots.
26 James Robert Liang, a VW engineer, in September became the first person to plead guilty to criminal charges, including conspiring to defraud us customers and regulators.
27 amazing part of this study is that people can become almost immediately attached to something as insignificant as a mug," said study leader James Wolf.
28 I have no interest in 'changing the world' as you suggest. You have nothing that I need or want. You are a computer salesman - I am — JAMES BOND!
29 usually cerebral James Murdoch launched a scathing attack on the BBC, whose size and zeal for expansion into new areas he described as "chilling".
30 Knowing that there was nothing kids loved more than coiled metal, James figured he just might have invented the world's greatest toy ever.