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No. sentence
1 was used in the collapse of the Berkman Plaza parking garage in Jacksonville, Florida in 2007, penetrating 23 feet into the rubble and relaying images to rescuers.
2 Five years ago, at the 20th anniversary remembrance of the bombing at the Beirut Memorial in Jacksonville, N.C., I met one of the many American children who were left fatherless that day.
3 The FBI later said the suspect was Christopher Chaney of Jacksonville, Florida.
4 rains from Tropical storm Fay trigger new flooding along Florida's northern Atlantic coast. Jacksonville residents are now being told to expect the brunt of the storm later today.
5 People grew up in church, so a lot of us lived in shame," said Darlene Maffett, 43, a Jacksonville resident, who had two children in eight years of marriage before coming out in 2002.
6 nonprofit helped cut the number of children in foster care in Jacksonville by 62 percent between 2006 and the end of 2009 — while spending far less money and achieving better outcomes.
7 Jacksonville alone saw two female teachers arrested last month.
8 I went to Jacksonville to live with a friend and fellow musician.
9 The message purported to set out a plot to attack a naval base, apparently Mayport in Jacksonville, Florida, with the aim of achieving the “complete destruction” of the USS John F.
10 He noted that Obama, in a speech to troops in Jacksonville, Florida, a fortnight ago, had said he would never lightly put them in harm's way.
11 most recent aircraft delivery occurred on Jan. 7 to the Naval air Station in Jacksonville, Fla., for subsequent transfer to Pakistan. Lockheed Martin delivered the first plane in October 2009.
12 Loomis died in two thousand eight in Jacksonville, Florida. He was eighty-nine years old.
13 By contrast, up near Jacksonville, Flagler county was the nation's fastest-growing county during the same period, its population surging by 53 percent to 76, 410 residents.
14 I cannot honestly say that there was ever a time that I went hungry when I lived in that orphanage in 1 Jacksonville, Florida.
15 Last December, the 51-year-old carpenter from Jacksonville, Fla., stopped along a roadway to help an 87-year-old woman whose car wouldn't start.
16 There is a 500-man operation in Jacksonville, Florida, that has been placed deliberately close to Georgia.
17 But as demographers sift through recent data releases from the Census Bureau, they have found that Jacksonville is home to one of the biggest populations of gay parents in the country.
18 Summerfield's missile was fired from the U.S.S. Barbero submarine 100 miles off the Atlantic coast to a naval air station near Jacksonville, FL.
19 I was there in the Navy, at the base in Jacksonville.
20 of Jacksonville, Florida thinks Americans take many of their freedoms for granted.
21 Is a 19-year-old photographer and creative writing student in Jacksonville, Florida.
22 What's in Jacksonville?
23 Honey, you are gonna love Jacksonville.
24 We used to live in Brunswick, just before Jacksonville, and there's a big oak tree just as you come into town.
25 We talked with Pastry Chef Anita Adams of Jacksonville, Florida's Let Them eat Cake to get the scoop behind the beaters.
26 Paul Posluszny, an offensive lineman for the Jacksonville Jaguars, has received two NFL contracts that will pay him between $20 million and $47 million, depending on how he performs.
27 Recently, two more have appeared: the gator (alligator) Bowl at Jacksonville, Florida, and the Sun Bowl at El Paso, Texas.
28 The first simulator will be a fixed-based MH-60R TOFT delivered to Naval Station (NS) Mayport near Jacksonville, Florida in mid-2013.
29 An 1842 article in the Jacksonville Republican proposed it meant "Here We Rest."
30 The expansion Jacksonville Jaguars joined the AFC in 1995.