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No. sentence
1 two women were numbed when hearing the voice of Mikle Jackson.
2 Some like Snoop Dogg, Lady Gaga, Samuel L. Jackson, Johnny Depp and Quentin Tarantino are way cooler than others.
3 with his brothers, The Jacksons, for the first time in almost 20 years on the "Michael Jackson: 30th Anniversary Special, " which aired on TV in 2001.
4 But one visit was scotched by Katherine Jackson, and since then the Jacksons have resisted efforts to make a meeting possible.
5 Jackson fell in love with County Westmeath and, after a month in the converted cowshed, moved to the equally secluded neighbouring estate of Coolatore, also owned by the Dunnings.
6 home and its decor, which Jackson leased, are reminiscent of Neverland Ranch, Jackson's estate near Santa Barbara, said Martin Nolan, executive director of Julien's Auctions.
7 For a twenty, you should look for the picture of Andrew Jackson, and on a fifty-dollar bill, you'll see a picture of Ulysses Grant.
8 He got a little banged up and it was understandably hard for him to recover," Coach Phil Jackson says.
9 For instance, one cell in the temporal lobe might respond to seeing a picture of Marilyn Monroe, while another might respond to Michael Jackson.
10 Jackson likened the questions about drilling risk to those about the link between smoking and lung cancer.
11 US pop legend Michael Jackson (see photo) was recently mobbed by crazy fans when he was leaving a medical center in Los Angeles, according to US media.
12 The 14-minute clip, in which Jackson turns into a zombie and dances with other undead types, is considered one of the most influential music videos ever made.
13 What plans do you have for Jackson Enterprises?
14 Jackson went on trial in 2005 on charges of molesting a 13-year-old boy in 2003, as well as conspiring to abduct the boy.
15 Fisher's playing time has increased substantially since backup point guard Jordan Farmar went down because of a torn lateral meniscus in his left knee, and that is a concern for Jackson.
16 His voice leaped out of the radio in Jackson 5 songs like “I Want You Back, ” even for those who didn’t see how he danced on television.
17 Jackson Opus - an Official Tribute a Great Gift and Keepsake For Future Generations.
18 After loading Jackson into an ambulance, Senneff said he saw Murray collecting items from Jackson's bedside.
19 He blanked Joseph Jackson from his life and excised him from his face, but could not forget his father’s exhortation to be “a winner, not a loser”.
20 Because Jackson didn't have his own driver in Ireland, Paddy enlisted local taxi driver Ray o 'hara to drive Michael and the kids around in a borrowed people carrier with blacked-out Windows.
21 this rite was in progress in the drawing-room, Archer settled Mr. Jackson in an armchair near the fire in the Gothic library and handed him a cigar.
22 And when Michael Jackson was growing up, his mother too worried that he rarely went out with girls.
23 At the Carolwood mansion the next day, Jackson and Murray reassured AEG Live there was no problem.
24 Murray said Jackson kept him in the dark about other doctors he was seeing.
25 Jackson got into the Escalade and headed west toward his home sanctum, where Murray and the IV stand would be waiting.
26 Jackson told him, Murray said, that doctors in Germany and elsewhere had given him propofol during concert Tours, enabling him to sleep for 15 to 18 hours before his exhausting performances.
27 The document, signed by Mr. Jackson and dated July 7, 2002, was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court Wednesday morning.
28 If money, possessions, fame, and status, brought happiness then Amy Winehouse would still be singing, Michael Jackson would be still be dancing, and Hollywood would be the happiest place on earth.
29 Even if Jackson did grab a syringe and misuse propofol, is Murray culpable for leaving him alone with access to the drug?
30 Janet Sobel, who made drip paintings several years before Jackson Pollock, gets her due.