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1 JVC showed a two-hour tape that was so compact, Popular Science called it “smaller, in fact, than some audio cassette decks.”
2 History remembers many examples of second-movers. Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, Amazon.com, Canon Inc., JVC and Heinz.
3 VHS, or Video Home System, was based on an open standard developed by JVC in 1976. The format allowed longer playtime and faster rewinding and fast-forwarding.
4 Have any of you seen the JVC commercial I did with my friends, Terence Yin, Andrew Lin, and Conroy Chan?
5 new JVC HA-NC260 headphones combine outstanding sound quality with advanced noise-canceling and isolation technologies to provide a superior listening experience.
6 The team is sponsored by JVC, so the players wear the letters JVC on their shirts.
7 To further block noise, the HA-NC260 offers two JVC innovations that help isolate the listener from outside sounds.
8 Used to work for or sell to companies like Sony, Panasonic, Pioneer, Hitachi, JVC, Sharp.
9 The rights and obligations of the JVC under this Agreement may not be assigned or sub-contracted in whole or in part without the prior writtten consent of Party A.
10 This way, please. We have Sony, JVC and Samsung digital video cameras.
11 rights and obligations of the JVC under this Agreement may not be assigned or sub-contracted in whole or in part without the prior written consent of Party a.
12 We SONY, JVC, LG and other enterprises in close cooperation, as its OEM localization of third-party partners.
13 JVC designers and engineers have done an outstanding job with the DLA-RS1.
14 It was an easy decision to give the JVC DLA-RS1 our Editor's Choice Award, and as such it has our very strongest recommendation.
15 Right out of the box, the smooth, clean lines and glossy black casework of the RS1 lets you know that this is not the JVC of old.
16 JVC Professional Products Company of Wayne, New Jersey, now offers remote administration capabilities for its VR-N900U and VR-N1600U network video recorders.
17 JVC: I will never regret selling NWC, since I know many other companies similar to NWC went out of business.
18 With this impressive projector, JVC is positioned to capture a much greater share of the consumer home theater market in 2007 than it ever has in the past.
19 The team is sponsored by JVC, so the players wear the letters "JVC" on their shirts.
20 noted above, JVC always (in our experience) does a first rate job with color.
21 If the problem still persists, consult the JVC authorized dealer.
22 Japanese audio equipment makers Pioneer Corp. and Victor Co. of Japan Ltd. (JVC) plan to withdraw from the mobile phone businesses, the Nihon Keizai Shimbun said Wednesday.
23 The VCD standard was created in 1993 by Sony, Philips, Matsushita, and JVC and is referred to as the White Book standard.
24 Game Designers Workshop became interested in publishing the new system, and it also drew the attention of JVC and NEC, who were looking for a new RPG system and setting to turn into a series of computer games.
25 NEC and JVC were not interested in horror though, and work on the Unhallowed setting was shelved in favour of a fantasy setting called Mythus.
26 Gygax believed the legal action was without merit and fuelled by Lorraine Williams' personal enmity, but NEC and JVC both withdrew from the project, killing the Mythus computer game.
27 Many of the basic patents underlying these formats are held by Fraunhofer Society, Alcatel-Lucent, Thomson Consumer Electronics, Bell, Dolby, LG Electronics, NEC, NTT Docomo, Panasonic, Sony Corporation, ETRI, JVC Kenwood, Philips, Microsoft, and NTT.
28 The patent holders include Sony, Mitsubishi Electric, Fujitsu, Panasonic, Scientific Atlanta, Columbia University, Philips, General Instrument, Canon, Hitachi, JVC Kenwood, LG Electronics, NTT, Samsung, Sanyo, Sharp and Toshiba.
29 In a demonstration by JVC records "worn" after 500 plays at a relatively very high 4.5 gf tracking force with a spherical stylus, played "as new" with the Shibata profile.
30 Also during the war, ties between RCA and JVC were severed.