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Its aims in a sentence

31. It would not disband, but simply use peaceful means to achieve its aims.

32. Its aims were to help the schools in their teaching of Socialism.

33. Its aims were to greatly expand Ireland's transport network.

34. Its aims are to study garden history and conserve historic gardens.

35. At this point, its aims were to establish self-rule in India.

36. Membership of the station is open to all who support its aims.

37. Its aims include: The RSA publishes the Australian Rationalist journal.

38. One of its aims was to apply secularism in the area of education.

39. Its aims are to apply, to propagate and to develop the ideas of Prof.

40. however, the League has itself engaged in defamation to further its aims.

41. The strike convinced labor that government was hostile to its aims.

42. Whilst announcing the Cabinet, Suharto also announced its aims.

43. Its aims were to spread socialist views and to win over new recruits.

44. Whilst announcing the Cabinet, Suharto also announced its aims.

45. Its aims are achieved primarily by means of running convoys.

46. Its aims are to promote the study of historical archaeology in Australia.

47. More recent commentators consider its aims to have been unclear.

48. However, still, its aims and objectives were considered seditious.

49. The party expressed its aims and orientation in four points;

50. The title of the journal reflects its aims, contents, and orientation.

51. While the raid did not achieve its aims, it had other effects.

52. So AMS became involved in a two-pronged attack to achieve its aims.

53. This enabled the Bank to widen its aims to increase its services.

54. Organisations which support its aims can become members of ICOMP.

55. Its aims include the cultural strengthening of the Ayoreo ethnic group.

56. Its aims are to collect, protect, study and present film archives.

57. Its aims were to improve wages and working conditions for sharecroppers.

58. Its aims and areas of focus then remain largely the same today.

59. Its aims are as follows- The first Principal of DIC was Prof.

60. Having achieved its aims, the treaty was annulled on 8 February.