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No. sentence
1 Still, I'm ambivalent about Italian modernization.
2 It also encourages holders of Italian debt to sell bonds rather than insure them with policies that may not pay out.
3 The pizza in Naples has a "DOP" stamp of approval from the Italian government to authenticate it.
4 Tourists and Romans alike splashed themselves with water from some of the Italian city's famous fountains on Monday as temperatures climbed to 33 degrees.
5 The humble-looking Naxi bread is a mix of an Italian pizza bianco (with its slightly oily texture) and a pretzel (with its addictive saltiness).
6 The word pretzel comes either from the Latin pretiole, which means "little gift", or from the Italian bracciatelli, which means "small arms".
7 Many bird-watching guides already identify the Italian sparrow as a separate species.
8 The Italian sparrow, they argue, is a cross between the ubiquitous house sparrow and the Spanish sparrow.
9 The study, carried out by Italian and Spanish researchers, showed that strawberries boost red blood cells' response to oxidative stress, an imbalance that is associated with various diseases.
10 Enjoy a satisfying scrambled egg, omelet or frittata (an Italian omelet with diced vegetables and meats) in less than 15 minutes.
11 I am aware that my life is a charmed one: healthy children, happy home, with time to drink Americanos in the nearby Italian deli.
12 The underground Italian laboratory, some 120 km (75 miles) to the south of Rome, is the largest of its type in the world for particle physics and cosmic research.
13 For dinner, we might go Italian, starting with a green salad and fat free balsamic vinaigrette, angel hair pasta smothered in tomato, basil, and mushroom sauce and steamed asparagus on the side.
14 Actually, I hope it's a basil plant; I'm obsessed with basil and tomato salad - it shows my Italian heritage.
15 Oregano is also a lovely cooking herb often associated with Italian spices and can be enjoyed with one's meals.
16 Greek oregano has a more mild flavor than the Mexican variety usually found in the spice aisle of your supermarket. Look for Greek oregano at Italian or Greek markets.
17 Portuguese, regardless of the relative decline of Italian club football, is supposed to have the shrewdness and authority to prosper in Europe.
18 Citizens of other European nations would see the chaos; they might figure that their savings would be safer in German, rather than Portuguese (or Italian) Banks.
19 Another 21 percent said it was much more relaxing to be in the countryside eating wholesome Italian food after leaving stressful jobs and unhealthy diets in the United States.
20 So when Italian and Spanish bond yields jumped up again (see chart right) there was only one institution with the capacity to act: the ECB.
21 But a study by Italian psychiatrist Giovanni Fava found that when patients were asked to keep diaries of events that made them happy, it 'helped them a lot to get better'.
22 Journalists and tourists swarmed to the small Italian town of Laglio last week after rumors circulated that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie would wed at Pal George Clooney's lakeside estate.
23 As well as being the most common name in Italy, Paolo Rossi is also one of the most famous Italian names in the world of sport, never failing to conjure up magical images of the summer of 1982.
24 I hope my poem is about loss, not nostalgia, that the tenor singing an Italian aria, like the ruined pilasters of the theater, suggests an historical dimension of loss.
25 Certainly, I have an Italian taste, but also features of American comfort and of British tradition.
26 Citing safety, China has banned imports of Irish pork and Italian brandy.
27 He learned a few words in Italian and was mocked viciously the first time he used them.
28 The menu had the Italian influence but also a bit of New Orleans with the matzo beignets with lemon curd and fresh mint.
29 Printed in Germany on the best Italian paper, with the edges gold-plated by hand, the book comes with a special marker with a magnifier.
30 Then the Italian gentleman, learning that this was our anniversary trip, offered Elena some perfume from Grasse and — for both of us — a bottle of Champagne.